Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall

℗ 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

Tickets To My Downfall Tracklist:


Literally the first track has me sweating jamming out to it. All these tracks are absolute bangers. The drumming by Travis Barker is the cherry on top of it all. Last song made my eyes watery. Been waiting for this album for almost a year. Love it. Favorite album.

Mike 214412

Blink 182 is so thankful


I mentioned to myself back 2014 I wanted Richard to be something to everyone one & the week I turned 23 in my birthday 9/2 he gets a VMA Moonman! I watched Kells go through it all & im grateful to do my next song out of my element so never stop supportin greatness 👍 I wished he say some heartfelt words wit Bob b4 he left #NoPressure



thikky nicky

Bringing back 2005 punk rock!!


Listed to this all day at work and love the sound and lyrics.

Bran Tatt

I am a MGK fannnnnnnnnn but idk what happened i guess i have to continue to play his old albums

H doggy rocks

Ever since I heard the first few songs, I have been anxiously awaiting this day for the release of Tickets to my Downfall. I am so impressed! It is for sure his best record yet and I will be always excited to hear more music from him! This will for sure be playing on repeat at my house for the next few weeks!




Kells has been blending genres for years. I’m glad to see him go full force into pop punk! 🤘🏻🔥


Versatile, 2000’s, PINK PUNK VIBEZZZ ALL DAY! Love this album so much along with all of MGK’s albums! 💓💓💓


This is the worst album of 2020. 🤣


What is this garbage? If you aren’t doing as well in one genre.... who said to try something else? No one did


Chefs kiss 👌🏻 amazing ❤️

The dillsterr

Wow Em really ruined your career didn’t he, that you had to change genres?


Not a single bad track on the whole album.


Love here in this album bring back some good music!


Born to be a rocker


awesome album, love how he can preform multiple genres instead of being a dead end rapper like most artist, he’s amazing at whatever he does

Franz Vogl

If you listen to the sound clips for this album, it all sounds the same. Try it. Play the first ‘sample’ and let it play by itself through the album. It sounds like the same song. But I do dig Bloody Valentine. You got some of my money MGK.


Eminem is still the king hahahaha.


I’m here for the punk vibes


The worst part is all the uneducated Eminem fans are gonna say “Em made Colson switch genres” cmon ppl he’s been a blink fan since he was a kid. Been foreshadowing this moment for years💀🤘🏻🔥


This pop punk album takes me back to the early 2000s and I love every second of it


Truly an amazing album, after my first listen I was a little disappointed but the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it, and now it’s in the running for one of my favorite albums of the year. Not a huge fan of trippie’s feature, feel like it could’ve been better. Play this when I’m gone is one and lonely both knocked my socks off. Truly incredible, didn’t think he would pull this off. 9.5/10.


If you like monotone singing and every song sounding the same, you’ll love this album


Gotta say best album he’s made in my opinion love everyone of the songs on it


Music sounds pretty good. Just knowing he started off in hip-hop makes him look like a sellout. I’m not gonna be like the Eminem stans on here and talk about a useless beef but I will say MGK probably should have stuck to this type of music at the beginning of his career and not occasionally throw it in at his concerts. Some fine tuning and he could actually pull this style off

pats 911

I think MGK just proved you can very much be an artist of many trades. This sound is excellent - hooray for him to be brave enough to pivot, and excel, at other genres!


Album of 2020


lol not good


Needed this sound!!! Thanks




I cannot stop listening. BEAUTIFUL!!!


Love it love it love it.


Album of the year only second to after hours


MGK is one of the most real, true and versatile artists there is in the game right now! Plays live instruments, can switch up his genre and still put a whole album of Bangers. Not many artists can say they do that. And is one of the best live performers ever to touch a stage


He should stay with punk rock and never go back to rap!


Great vibes

Anunnaki Carter

In MGK’s rock masterpiece, you get classic nostalgia of the early 2000s


i love that he went pop punk this was a great direction!! this generation of music is horrible he’s truly saving the music industry

mgk bitc

Sounds like poor man’s blink-182

Music 5467

after a cheese rap career, it was time he reinvented himself. there are some good tunes, but in comparison to other albums in this genre from the past, it does not even compare.


Let’s go!!! ❌❌TTMD


The whole album sounds like nostalgia to me. I hit play then suddenly, I’m sixteen years old again dancing carefree around my room gettin ready for school. This album will be on repeat in my house until the speakers wear out. Then ill buy new speakers and press play again! 10/10


Just wow, great album. Play this when I’m gone is worth the price of the album alone.


This album is incredible. Really shows how versatile MGK is. Excited to see this album take off. The only negative reviews you’ll see on here are from loser stan’s, who live in their parents basement and have nothing better to do but comment bs. GET OVER IT ALREADY 😂😂😂

Dubstep 4 Life<3




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