Mammoth WVH - Distance

℗ 2020 EX1 Records

Distance - Single Tracklist:


What a song Wolf!! Haunting background vocals on the verses. Wow. Wolf has been the real deal for a long time. It takes some set of nuggets to even try to step outside the shadow of The Guitar God. With this kind of music floating around in his gifted brain, rock is still alive. WVH


Fantastic job !


Thanks for ruining my makeup which I’ve barely worn for 9 months!!! This was unexpected and so timely for so many of us with what we are going through. But I knew when this dropped on my now 8 year old daughters birthday that we had to listen and now she said this is her first concert when the Rona is gone. Beautiful song just gorgeous. @Wolfgang she wants to use it in her roblox world she’s created and have her friends hear it. Fantastic and can’t wait for more!


What a beautiful tribute to Eddie. I loved this song the moment I first heard it. So much talent! An emotional song for sure; you can’t help but feel like you want to cry. The lyrics are beautiful and Wolfie’s voice is great. Looking forward to more amazing music from this super talented young man!!

muxed up

This is a great song and a great tribute to your father. Cannot wait for your album.✌🏻💙


What a heart tugging Beautiful song, talent is in your Blood! Your Dad IS Proud!


The kid has talent.... Period. A Great song with a ton of heart and meaning in it. The official video is very emotional as well, dont say I didnt warn you!


Listened to this song many times and it always brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful tribute to your Dad Wolfgang. RIP Eddie, miss you!


I love this song, it is beautiful and stirs such emotions. Your father was an amazing artist and I feel so blessed that his legacy continues thru your talents. Looking forward to hearing more from you in the future.


What a tribute , may God bless you and yours as you all move forward . What an amazing tribute to an amazing talent and obviously an amazing father. The very end is priceless.

Gus Art

You can feel the heart and raw emotion in every word and every note...truly inspirational.


The song and video are wonderful and touching.


This is a very raw and emotional song. ( Especially the video 😭😢❤️) The song is amazing. WVH is very talented as well. 🙏🎸


This song is beautiful, EVH loved his son unconditionally and showed it. Wolfgang poured his heart out and you can tell.


WVH displays himself as a master musician, singer and songwriter. Looking forward to hearing the whole album.

YOLO traveler

Beyond being a moving tribute to an amazing musician and father, it’s a beautifully written & performed piece of music! It stands alone. It’s a testament to the love and talents of father and son.


Love both the song and video!!! Can’t stop watching /listening to this!! Great job WVH!


Perfect tribute, Lyrics are heartfelt & honest, amazing talent but what did anyone expect coming from two beautiful and amazing parents. Congratulations!!!!

Randa Homes

Song of the year!


I’m super excited to hear the future of Rock n Roll Your dad was the greatest guitar player ever !!!

Lee Balgeman

Simply beautiful Job Wolf amazing song thank you for sharing with us all.

I|\/|A |\/|ON$T3R

Extremely talented!


The best is yet to come from WVH.


I think Wolfie is going to be the most talented VH, his voice is strong, he can play any instrument!!! I can’t wait for the entire album


Please keep doing your own music, forever! If and when it's safe again to tour, play your own stuff and maybe one of your Dad's for a tribute? Cannot wait to see you grow in this life. I'm a huge fan of your Dad's and now a huge fan of you! Sending you all the happiness and strength in this world, Heather Gerson Az.


I hear Wolfgang wrote, sang, and played all the instruments for this track. True? If so, I believe he may well have more talent than his father. If he stays with VanHalen, I will once again be excited for new releases!

ClearStatic 64

The talent didn’t fall far from the tree. But let’s just talk about this track alone, not the biological lineage. What a great song for anyone who has lost someone close and dear. It hits home for me in so many ways personally. Vocals are great and the playing (all by WVH) is first rate. Your future is bright, Wolfgang. I cannot wait to hear the rest. And thank you for this song. BTW—- your song is #1!


A very moving and heartfelt tribute to your father Eddie. A song everyone can relate to losing a loved one. A fabulous musician like your dad with your own sound. Will be looking forward to more music from you!


Love this song and can’t wait to buy the new one he played on Stern this week. So talented !


This song is excellent. As a lifetime Van Halen fan, I am excited by not only Wolfgang having his own sound and his own voice, we can still hear the influence and musical genius of his late father pumping through his veins and into our ears. The bass playing complimenting his wicked drumming is fantastic, giving us a full rich sound. Audioslave comes to mind for some reason, but it’s definitely his own sound, -referring to the other song “you’re to blame(?)” I heard on Stern’s show. I eagerly await Mammoth WVH’s debut album to drop.


Sweet, kind and talented Wolfie...this song is such an inspiration, not only to yourself, but to those of us whom have had our parents pass on at an early age. I do know this feeling as well...25 years now without both of my parents and (Aly & AJ’s grandparents) and I’m still crying...I am so happy for them, but no matter what the distance is I will be with them and They will be OK...even better than OK. ❤️ and we will be OK...I’m so happy they’ve found a place and we shall continue to find our place in this world...So much love and prayers to you and a huge Well Deserved Congratulations for your heartfelt and beautiful tribute to your sweet, kind and talented Dad...What a beautiful has taken me to tears and to a profound gratefulness...God Bless You Mammoth WVH!!! ❤️


Dear Wolf, Such a beautiful tribute to you Father. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and thoughtful message. We know your Dad is proud of you.


For putting into a perfect song the agony of losing your dad. A dad you idolize. You are amazing and carrying on the Van Halen legacy. God bless you.


Miss you Eddie and good luck and best wishes to Wolfgang and the rest of the family 🙏


Well done!


What a great tribute to a man, husband and father icon that touched so many lives. Your debut single is just the beginning of your journey. Keep bring the music to us. Your new fan! We will be listening and following you for years to come. You should be proud. Thanks for sharing your personal special memories of your family in the video.


Thank you. Xxxx


Your dad and VH brought me so much joy as a kid. Couldn’t be happier for you. Amazing song. Love it!!!


Love this tune❤️I want more now👍


Love the song! It the Best Wolfie


Great Song,Beatiful song..very moving. Impressive that the Young man does everything..WOW ! Very Talented. Wolfie,Very Sorry for your loss.. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tribute, and music !!! Looking forward to the album!! Love the song , "You're to Blame" too! Wolfie, wishing you nothing but the best!!


Can’t wait to here more from this young man!


Your father was a special man, and it's obvious he and your Mom raised a special son. God bless your family and best of luck with your solo career.


Amazing Tribute & VH Talent Lives On! 🎸


Amazing tribute and tune.


Great song! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!




It’s very powerful and a Tribute to his Dad. It sounds like Nickelback !!!

ozzy's big brother

Saw your dad in 1984. Was blown away. This is an awesome tribute to your father and relationship! You got talent Wolfe. Can’t wait for continuing the great VH legacy.


Just wow. More please. Such a well written, well performed, and well produced song. Hat is off for you WVH. 👍🏻

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