Maroon 5 - Memories

℗ 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)

Memories - Single Tracklist:


Very melancholy yet happy it’s the feelings it’s what I want in a perfect song ♥️


This was a great method example of how something that inspired you can make a great platform for reinvention. It’s not thievery because Johann Pachelbel is properly credited. Kind of amazing really. Plus it’s an amazingly well written song. It’s not easy to fit a to b which that has already existed for 300 something years, and is something most people have heard wether they know it or not.


recycled garbage


A lot of maroon 5 songs are not really that good....yet this one is amazing 😉 subscribe to preoffical 🥺



sometimes i domt wan be happy-

Fire their management team-


The song is chill, it’s one of my favorites. However the melody is strangely similar to Pachelbel’s Canon. I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but I’m putting 4 stars because I’m not sure about the authenticity of this melody. If it was copied, then 1 or 2 stars. If it wasn’t, definitely 5 stars.


Great song Really great song


Honestly, this is a great song that brings back memories of the loved ones I’ve lost. It’s a great song for randomly reminding you of good times with loved ones that live on within you. ❤️

Leah Measho

Absolutely not❤️


Reminds me of being on the beach in Maui!

Time for Equality

Love it! Could be the theme song for COVID-19 pandemi;c!!!


Most human I’ve felt crying and going through all my memories.


I remember first hearing the album “Songs About Jane”, where every song was a beautiful piece of work, and Maroon 5 had a very notable sound, one that you could pick up even if it was just playing on those crapy speakers in the mall that you just sort of hear as white noise while you’re shopping. They kept this solid, sensual, potent sound going all the way to Red Pill Blues in 2017, adding just enough to keep it fresh each time, but holding on to what made them Maroon 5 in the first place. This song... it’s lazy. It doesn’t have the Maroon 5 sound, it could have been made by any modern pop singer and nobody would have thought it was that artist’s song. It’s a simple song that’s repetitive, watery(I can’t believe I’m using that to describe a SONG.), and feels like a pathetic attempt to push out SOMETHING. I officially put forward that this song is scrubbed from the Maroon 5 discography, and that we never speak of it again.


Love this song. It the crazy world in today it speaks to my soul with the lyrics.


Luv this song


This is a nice song. It’s nice and calm, and overall the lyrics are decent. However, it’s not a normal Maroon 5 song. Of course, that doesn’t make it a bad song. It’s just best to think of it as a song by Adam alone.




When I’m sad I listen to your song I love your songs I lie sugar girls like you and this song


I loved memories it was so good

I ❤️ anime_2008814572

No shame added by me.❤️

beloved sandwhich

Awesome I like huskies


This is a new sound for Maroon 5. It's not flashy pop like their newest three albums or gritty, energetic pop-rock like their first three. It's just... chill. It's simple but meaningful. It's easy on the ears but pulls hard on the heartstrings. It's not their best song to date, but it's close, and while I hope that this doesn't become the band's new sound, I love Memories for what it is.

si da guy

Not the best but I’ll give it to them 😶😶😶😶😶😶


Different from their old music and very nostalgic! Love love love!


i love this song!!!!


It makes me remember my ex


Complete waste of effort

Kasen Sanders

so bad omg like so repetitive and no creativity whatsoever

Emotions 14

I will always associate this beautifully heartbreaking song with the memorial for Kobe and Gigi Bryant. Rest In Peace!


Good songwriter


This song is on Tik Tok, I think it was used most on New Years!!🥳🥳🥳🥳 Also I love listening to this song, seriously every time it turns off I turn it back on.😁


I honestly hoped I’d hear stuff like their early music, safe to say I’m disappointed


For Kobe. Rest in POWER Kobe and GiGi. This song is everything. ♥️


I’m sorry but it hogs the radio they play it like one thousand times!!!! It gets lame and boring.....


It’s catchy so it’s not 1/5



Princess Meem 💖👑

I despise Maroon 5, and even though this song is generic I actually like it believe it or not. Good job. 🙂


I like Maroon 5 but this song wasn't really it


Jesus, I thought Girls Like You was unoriginal and boring, this one is only slightly better just cuz it doesn’t have the awkward Cardi B verse shoved in.


One of the best songs.


Y’all aren’t sick of this generic sound yet? You keep doing you’s.


Wow ... reading other reviews was traumatizing! 1- So what if the melody is reused?!?!? It’s a great melody!!! 2- something not typical of maroon 5, shows us what you can do...singing out of the box! 3- great message! I can understand every word you say! Great relaxing nostalgic song...thank you for creating this song!


This song is perfect to honor those that we lost. It is not too sad which is great. This is how these types of songs should be. Unlike songs like “In the arms or the angel” that will have you balling in the first 2 seconds (I hate those types of songs). RIP to everyone that passed away💜

dhgfh fhbcgccb h hhdh

I LOVE ❤️ it it brings back memories 😎👌


It’s such a beautiful song. Adam’s voice gave life to the lyrics♥️


This song has a relaxing chill vibe to it and I like it


Although the lyrical content is okay, the song itself just doesn’t sound all that great. Just get tired of hearing boring generic. Hoping for better M5 music in the future.


I just heard this song today, January 12, a terrific voice for a great song. Thanks !

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