Megan Thee Stallion - Good News

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Good News Tracklist:


Chorus of Body-yady-yady-yady-yady is way too repetitive. I can’t stand to listen when it comes on, which is too bad because the rest of the song is catchy and fun.


Horrible song and horrible album

King ohio 31

Bought this and Ace King today love both of them

Renee C. 😘

You did your thing girl loved it !!!!!!


I loved it🤍🤍

Neci West

I think she’s better being featured on someone else’s tracks. In my opinion she needs more work before she can come out with her own album. She’s a beast with one hit one song or maybe two but not for an entire album.


Absolutely horrible


whenever i need a reminder that i’m a bad bean i know exactly where i’m going live you meg


i really dont know what to say.... this piece is... uh... exotic?




This is the best music ever I don’t know how y’all haters don’t like this but y’all need to go to eat doctor I LOVE YOU MEGAN ❤️❤️❤️


Yeah no just kidding. Average trash music :)


Another female rapper who just talks about her privates. Two good songs on here and that’s about it. Be more original.


disgusting and typical new rapper who only raps about s3x 🤮🤮 same beats too


Thanks for all your help

Alyssa Matheny

Omg I love this songgggg sooo much


Should’ve just kept Suga & not rushed this album cause it’s bad, girl. It sounds incomplete and lazy. Boooooo


The beat soundtrack


the album was good people just want to be different


One thing i love about this album is the SASS and THE ENERGY. I especially love lip syncing and dancing to body. But i don’t like the explicit lyrics and the swearing. Other than that, it is pretty fun to dance to :)

PDF basics

At least she has thick thighs

Howell Apple


ldk??? someone

Spread love in the world not hate we need to love each other not hate!😍❤️🔥❤️😍🔥

raeana :)

So goood ! 😍😍😍😚😚


If people believe that this is music, then they are dumb. This is the most emotionless, crappiest album I have ever heard. Absolutely meaningless.


This isn’t going to be remembered when the content is literally about riding d and making money.


Loving this debut album from Megan

empress Ava👑👸

The black community of music or being famous today is much about “achieving a status of coolness that involves not getting much of an education, less clothing and more profanity” I mean what happened to the songs that talked about love for the world and family. Ok what I said is not to harm any of the black community but it’s just pretty much the truth of today.

sub to fake clan

Call me sexist but girls can’t rap for anything

Dustin's boo

Wow Megan thee Stallion be listening to old artist trying to make new music. It ain't work and this album is PURE TRASH


Straight shame shouldn’t even be aloud to rap and earn money for total laziness and same trash lyrics about nothing


man its bad

no no with the pie pie

You make the best music


Preiod megan in dababy


Are y’all just mad that she can except her body and rap about it make songs about it because she excepts her body she loves the way her body curls with her body looks she excepts it when she looks in the mirror she think she’s amazing as she is she looks absolutely amazing y’all need to leave her alone she’s not living that her girl areas or she is wrapping about how she excepts her body when she looks in the mirror she looks good she said to her body-This is abt the song body

alpha aka me

Sounds sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad

#1minecraft player

Respectfully trash


I thought this was Meghan Trainor’s new album...


YAAAAH DI ODDYYYY ODDYYYY ODDYYY. what did I just listen to? Generation z basic at its finest. What do these lyrics even mean. Every time I hear this song I skip it.


Tooo Boommmbbb!!!!


Is this supposed to be music?? Trashy mindset I feel sorry for the younger generation it’s actually not funny.


Alright, so she’s better than all the other female rappers- but that’s not saying much. She does have followers, and I appreciate that, but the music is wayyy to sex oriented in EVERY song, and for everyone saying we’re mad cause she has “power”, go stick ur umbrella up ur butt and pretend ur a corn dog

Aunt Dessy

This song is amazing for body confidence and self love some of y’all just fail to see that!


Okay so this track is so lit especially body ody ody and @Nasir0907 girl or boy cardi can actually and she actually did you ever listen to bodack yellow cardi did that honey thank you nexttttttt and that’s on period


She is a Mariah fan so of course it is trash.


This was terrible


I literally hate her all her song are about sex and this is straight up TRASH she should be banned from singing

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