Miranda Lambert - Wildcard

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Wildcard Tracklist:


This is such an awesome album from Miranda Lambert! I love all the songs I love the style she used and my favorite is Tequila Does!


Good album all around Tequila Does is such an underrated and good song and Bluebird is really good. Keep at it Miranda 🤙

Evan Vath

It reminds me of when me and my dad used to hang out❤️

is you for real



I love her old stuff but this record seems like it was made in a day. Most are boring. Bluebird is tolerable but has similar sounds to other ones.


Your songs always touches a part of our lives in some way or another with what we are going through!!! Thank you for your music. It is amazing as always. Country all the way!!! Go enjoy your fur babies:)


Just when I thought she couldn’t keep getting better & better.... she delivers this album!! 🌟🌟


I adore Miranda but this is the first time I can honestly say I didn’t like any of the songs. She is so talented and authentic which is why I love her... just didn’t feel that in this album 😔 I know a lot of artists have felt pressure to go more pop/country or rock/country the past years but I fear this will push many fans away unfortunately. That all being said, I can’t wait for her next release and wish her the best💗


Miranda is everything. I adore and am obsessed with this album. I listen several times a day, the louder the better. Each time I listen, it gets better. Settling Down I think is one of her best songs yet. Bluebird and every single song after are absolute masterpieces. The first half of the album is fun, and light. Locomotive is hard, and I was shocked the first time I heard it, but it’s a really great song. This album is reminiscent of Revolution, Four the Record, and Platinum, but stands on its own as an awesome Miranda Lambert album. Thank you as always for hours of entertainment. I love Miranda.


Seen her in concert at BOK in Tulsa. Miranda didn’t disappoint put on one heck of a concert. I’ve listened to her for years and never disappointed. Yes her music has changed but if you notice a lot of country music has. Still love her music.

mariah kerns

She is my everything I love her


Love the Rock Sound. Some of my favorites are Tequila Does, Way Too Pretty For Prison, and Pretty Bitchin.💖




Ssssooooo to all those haters out here this is 100% country music and Miranda you need to keep doing what you do! Fire Escape and Bluebird are my favorite songs of alllll time! Thanks for the amazing music!!


U feel uplifted after listening to this


Miranda Lambert voice is annoying. With bluebird her voice sounded pitchy and weird


This album is country at its best! Her songs are a mix of serious and fun. She sounds so happy and of course looks beautiful. Love every song! A++++++++

123go bow's

Im not the biggest country fan but i loved this album


There are some really good songs on this album. It ain’t perfect but it ain’t crap either. And it is more more country sounding than I expected. Bluebird, Tequila Does, Track Record, and Dark Bars deserve a serious listen


Miranda is a different on this album and at first I only liked 2 songs but now they are all growing one me. Good Album give it a chance.


Keep your diversity going Miranda, this is a great sassy album and love your style. Always a fan!!!


Love the tunes. Miranda has a true gift. I am obsessed with Tequila Does & Bluebird

Ashly L

I honestly feel this was one of her best albums. She has a line in one of her songs that sums it up fantastically.. "Like the records Im playing, they might keep you waiting but you know im only playing for keeps." This sums up her whole album. I love so many of the songs that I never thought I would. From Holy Water to Settling down she provides a wide array of material for anyone to relate to! Keep writing Miranda!


LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Especially Bluebird!!!


She’s done it yet again. Keep on, Miranda! 🥰🥰🥰


Don’t like any of these songs. I think her new husband messed with her head. This is just pop music and not good pop either.


Yes it’s a different sound for Miranda Lambert but I love it! Listen to the songs for what they are and don’t put her in a box! It rocks, it rolls, and there is even some twang in there. In my opinion, there is not a bad song on this album! This is some great music!


She is my soul sister!! Bluebird is my anthem. Every album of hers I find ‘my’ anthem!


She is amazing. She is doing something I always wanted to do. LIVING HER OWN LIFE!


Love it ! Miranda has such talent and I’m enjoying the new sound.


Blue Bird hits at home. I love it. I’m a working man and listen to it everyday.

Pat Carney99

Miranda takes a turn for the better here. The breakup album was a different vibe for her. And Revolution was a masterpiece. This collection is as good as anything I’ve heard from her the past 10 years. Great tunes. Uplifting. Happy. Melodies are awesome. Well done.


This is a very Miranda album. There was no surprises or change of style in this album like people were saying. There is nothing “pop” like about it. The people who are saying that it’s not country music need a lesson in country. It’s not old school country but is certainly ain’t the crap I hear in the highway these days. I love this album better then the last one, Revolution will always by my favorite. If you are a true Miranda fan, you’ll love this album!

Nascar Momma07

My favorite is Dark Bars but, I’m enjoying the Album must better than her last album .


She is the redneck, rough country queen of sassy country. She’ll shoot you straight in a minute. She’s not afraid to sing what she thinks. This girl has made quite a name for herself. I love her vibe of rough cow girl with a redneck side and rock n roll sound. This album is great! It is all about how us country women live to live.


Easily her best album. Great songs, production and players. Not sure what the haters are whining about but thats the world we live in now.

Stan the man!!!

Have no respect for a cheating B——


Country/pop/rock IS amazing and anyone who thinks this isn’t country doesn’t know music. Shania Twain changed things for country and made it relevant to a wider audience and Miranda is now the Queen. All comes out in the wash is suuuxh a good song who cares what genre it is. Good music is good music... Period


Love it!


Best new music I’ve heard in forever. Smart, Fresh and Creative. Miranda thank you for this gift.


Wardog15 thinks if you can’t say something positive you shouldn’t review at all, what an narrow minded soul!!! This is the first ML album I haven’t liked & sorry but I don’t need to be positive if it isn’t good & I don’t like it 🙄 And I don’t!



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All the songs are great to sing along to and I bet sound great live. It was a different sound at first but it has grown on me and I love it!


She’s keeping it country with a rock twist. I love it!!!! Keep it up!!!


I have always been a huge ML fan for what she is...which is everything everyone else is not. Until this album. This album is awful. It’s pop music with no country tone. Not true meaningful country. I had to question if she even wrote these songs they are so bad and unlike her other albums. I’ll take Angaleena Presley any day over this garbage.


She does it again! Miranda continues to give us a new take on her own personal style, never staying too close to the past while not leaving it completely behind. “Wildcard” gives a new take on the applications of Miranda’s beautiful voice especially evident in tracks such as “Fire Escape” (I’m a sucker for a good dramatic build) while showing personality similar to songs such as “Automatic” or “House that Built Me” in a new way with songs like “Bluebird” and during all of this new innovative sound she still manages to rock us out with songs “Mess with My Head” and “Locomotive”. Overall I would 10/10 recommended this new chapter in Miranda’s career and praise how she’s maintained our devoted attention through 10 albums (7 solo and 3 with the Pistol Annies) reaching to date a total of 146 songs! These new 14 won’t disappoint so click that download button and get to enjoying.




No other country artist comes close to her talent, authenticity, and appeal. Great lyrics, great melodies, great production. Long live Miranda!