Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Bonus Track Version)


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:


Still love this album. Queen of country

Terri Ames

Disappointing and underwhelming. Her voice is super blah.

dus kipa fan

Amazing 😁

Anonymous User 33

This is a great album. There are a few great songs that don’t get credit, they are: Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Getting Ready, and Guilty In here are the best. Though they don’t get credit, they are amazing.


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Ash and Indy

Grating actually.


Love you music great album you rock MirandaπŸ‘πŸ»

Like it!!!!.....!!!!

Love every Miranda album.


Best album by her


Miranda has helped me with my break-up, Desperation is my favorite though, and More Like Her is what I was thinking of when he went out with some ugly chick. 😠. Her music helped me out!!!!

Greg Degenstein

hello baby is a love song i rot when i was 8 years old


I love love love it!


She did awesome but she's no Toby Keith and for all of you T.K. Haters guess what in 2013-2014 he is larger than life so do us all a favor and shoot yourself


Miranda is real country and if you don't like it don't comment i'm proud to be a whitetrash country boy .


Love the album! But it won't let me buy crazy ex-girlfriend so I got the others manually. Anyway I rly want that 1 so disappointed I can't get it


I am highly disappointed with this album. I purchashed Gunpowder and Lead and every time my playlists gets to that one song it skips it. I am highly disappointed and aggravated and annoyed and angry. I can't figure out how to fix it. If it doesn't get fixed iTunes won't get no more of my money. And they said they refunded me the money for the song and they didn't. Y'all have a blessed day.


love the album

Destiny R.

I love this album. My favorite song is gunpowder and lead


She is totally hot... If it wasn't for being scared of making her mad I'd take her any day! Hope Blake knows what he got himself into lol

Boy man dude


Monkey Hottie Lover

This song rocks !! I <3 u Miranda Lambert !!!!! 5 is my rate on this Song!!!!!


Oh please Neeniepap - All in a tizzy over a gunshot at the end of a song - it's make believe, not real sweetie! Enjoy her great voice, talent and spunk!


I LOVE Miranda Lambert (Shelton.)I LOVE her song Gunpowder and Lead!!!


Well, it did say "explicit". The gunshot at the end is highly inappropriate. Now to figure out how to delete it. I feel sorry for you if this is your hero. I think she has let herself down

Isabella penge

I love Miranda lambert she's so amazing she's my hero


This is what country music should be. I'm from the south and we don't listen to country cause of what it's got to, but I like this. Oh have y'all heard the wanted, they r so good. Watch the video even better;)


Omg!!!! I love the song gunpowder and lead its my fav !!!!!!!


I love this album!!!!☺ especially the songs crazy ex-girlfriend and gunpowder and lead!!!πŸ˜ƒ I love Miranda Lambert!! She's frickin awesome!!! And so is her album

Kevin Bacon β™₯er

This album and her first,kerosene, have to be her best!! I know every song word for word!!


More really annoying country.

lexie Lukes

I love Miranda lambert ( gunpowder and lead kerosene )


Yes Gunpowder and Lead is a great song but the rest of the album is kind of ehh. Miranda is a good singer, no doubt about that, and the album starts out strong and then slips into mediocrity. It's good up to Love Letters. The vocal timing/rhythm after that just seems off to me, like words just don't hit on rhythm, which turns a potentially great song to mediocre. A lot of the songs have good background music, and then the vocals are off-time. So-so album.

I like cheese...

It's totally awesome!!!!


My fave song is Famous in a Small Town! She is so talented,and you should buy this :)

Youra L. Oser

I typically don't like country music all that much and this is my favorite song!!


β™₯ this song!!!! i like the feel and theme of the song... even though it is sad... she's being strong and standing up for herself.. Little girls r made of GUnpowder & Lead ;) great album!

Angel Bowman

Love this you rock Miranda lambert I love all your songs. Your number 1 fannnnnnnnn.


That is a no-no. Click yes if you agree.


I love the song Gunpowder and Lead. This song is pop country. That is why i aboustly love this song. Give this album 4 stars.


Best ever!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ β€πŸ’šπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’™ I could listen to all day!!!!!!

Sally N Tepper

Joy Crump, you're nuts! Her ballods on Karosene are breath taking, along with almost every CD she has produced. She just gets better and better, I will agree, and I am more than anxious for, "Four the Record". If you're looking for a CD that you will love from the first song to the last, any of hers would be something that I would recommend. Every song does hold it's own, and there is something on every CD that I believe anyone could relate to.


I am in love with this freaking songg!!! Plus it was only $00.69!!! ((:


I like this album- it's fun. I love how Miranda Lambert's albums are "different" yet she still holds her own sound... I switch on and off of albums. If I want fun, crazy Miranda- I listen to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. If I want slow, mellow Miranda then I listen to Revolution. I don't usually listen to Kerosene... It's okay but this one is musically mature and the songs are written better.


Check out Angela Sue Cheslock's debut EP Leave Me Weathered you'll love this fresh new sound to country music!!


If you came on the reviews to rant that Lady A and Carrie didn't win awards then you picked the wrong place to do so. I like those artists also, but Miranda deserves to win sometimes too. She is an awesome singer and works hard. Love You Miranda!!!ξ—ξ—ξŒ­


This whole album is amazing. I used to not really like country but just listening to this album got me more interested. I don't see why some people on here put one star cause this is amazing!!!


Miranda is wonderful! I just love her and listen to her everyday:)

Boohoo blabla

I don't like her it all .