Miranda Lambert - Revolution

℗ 2009 Sony Music Entertainment

Revolution Tracklist:

Carly oconnor

This is Miranda Lambert’s best album. Love “the house that built me” and “white liar”


I just love this song so much because it reminds me of my old house where I youse to life until I hade to move to a new house. And plus you are a really really good singer




I love this song it makes me happy. But it had some fun music and genres and sometimes when I’m at the studio I started recording the music and then Jonas brothers, I’m so blessed.

Ash and Indy


Anonymous User 33

This is great I love it. Worth your money.

Parking frenz

I love this song and gunpowder and lead


the best and i mean THE BEST album she has ever written. not trying to be a hater but every time she releases a new album and i have such high hopes but i don't think there will ever be anything that tops this one.

Lukas 😁

I'm obsessed with half of this album..not so much the other half. But the songs I do love warrant a 5 star review. My most recent obsession is Me and Your Cigarettes 🚬😊


I'm not a big country fan but this album got me hooked on the good new stuff coming out of Nashville. "The House that Built Me" is a favorite of mine, as are Airstream Song & Dead Flowers

Tom Slosser

AMAZING album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Definitely my favorite album to date. Airstream song is my most favorite song ever. Can listen to it top to bottom. I hope she comes back to this type of album again!


Still love this album. Keep it up Miranda!


When it comes to country, people tend to think it's commercialized music set to sound like the times. The songs on the albums have their own little stories; they don't go together. "Revolution" proves this wrong. Every single song is pivotal to the album, and every moment was well constructed. From the opening track "White Liar" , with its hard hitting stabs at a trust gone sour, to "Maintain the Pain" talking about pushing through it all, all the way through to "Virginia Bluebell" with its reminiscent glow. This album stands with the classics. Time will hold this true.


This album is so great, I have the actual cd in my car and sometimes I just let it replay again and again...


Miranda personally the house that built me song made me burst into tears

Like it!!!!.....!!!!

Love every Miranda album.


Fav Album!!! Only Prettier!!! Great Song! But her very first song I love the Best....Kerosene


There seems to be so many reviews of her two newer albums but this one is by far my favorite. You are really missing out if you haven't listened to it. Airstream Song, Makin' Plans, & Virginia Bluebell & House that built me are so good.


I cry every time I hear The House That Built Me 😢 but amazing song!!


This is my favorite of her albums. Airstream song, and Virginia bluebell. Perfection. ❤️❤️❤️


Such an amazing and heartfelt album definitely looking forward to her new album.