Mo Pitney - Behind This Guitar

℗ 2016 Curb Records, Inc.

Behind This Guitar Tracklist:


Is it possible to wear out a CD? I may find out soon!


The first time I heard Mo, I thought of the first time I heard Merle Haggard many years ago. I am not comparing them! Only in the fact I know this young man will go very far in his "Counrty" sound. Hearing his smooth delivery without effort to his delivery will guarantee huge satisfaction for "Counrty" fans far and wide. Thank you Mo' for making me smile....


Mo is a wonderful young man with a voice like no other. Sing writer, singer, Christian and a good man! Thank you Mo!! I love this album.


Yeee haw


Fantastic singer and great sound. Need more like this on the radio and less of what they're playing now. Hopefully Mo will have a long, rewarding career. Looking for more from him.


Love these songs. What a true country artist. Very refreshing


Bringing back the classic country sounds that's missing in the industry now days. It's a great abs easy listen, makes road trips more enjoyable.


Saw this young man at the Ryman and was blown away. Can't stop listening. This is my kind of country music.


Just seen him in concert at the atv park in burkville tx! Definitely had to buy his album can't wait to hear more from him! ❤️


Mo Pitney is a one of kind talent, deep sultry voice and great guitar that captures your ear and your heart. This is where country comes from.

Burp app

This is great! He's bringing real country back to modern country without that pop stuff in it love it!


Been listening to this guy on YouTube for a long time and he's country! Love it love it love it. Only complaint is that he was more country before Nashville got ahold of him.... Wish they would have produced the album like Mo sang em in the YouTube vids, but still pretty country. Cant wait for more of this and less of the crap Nashville and Scott Borschetta feed us nowadays!


He's one of a kind, he chooses his notes wisely on guitar and with his voice and they come together in perfect harmony, mo is the real deal for sure.


Just purchased and played it twice-cried like a baby on Everywhere. This is pure soulful singing by an artist that will touch your heart. Pared down to pure melodies. Mo has a smooth, mature sound-what a welcome change. Love this album-yes, I still call them albums!

Dan Marin

Thank you Mo for doing what you do - this Texan appreciates you!


I Have Always Loved Country Music Now Since Mo Pitney Came Out With A Winner It Was Worth The Wait. I Especially Love The Song Clean Up On Aisle Five. But Every Songs On This CD Are Great That Is Why I Rated It Five Stars.


Just saw Mo live in Danbury CT of all places and thoroughly enjoyed the music! He's current, but also has that old-time sound. Band is great and harmonies are tight! So glad to have discovered him!

bringin' the country

There is nothing original here..Sounds like Joe Nichols from 10 years ago. Song writing is cheesy at best. The fact that people think this is "real" country music, shows just how far removed country radio has gotten from the classic country sound. Don't waste your money.


Finally-a REAL country album!!! This is the first time I've heard of Mo and this album will be in high-rotation this fall on our back deck! LOVE it! Such a refreshing break from the dance-pop /frat-boy music that is pawned off as 'Country' now-a-days! THANK YOU Mo for keeping the faith!

3 of 8 Doug

Been listening to Mo for the past year, The song "a boy and girl thing" became the song I listen to constantly after my wife died in May. (enough sad 😥 though) if you are a country music fan you will love this album. If you are not a country music fan give it a listen it may change you.


Love this guys music! So much talent!


I've been looking forward to this album for a few years now. Mo writes his own music that has meaning and is accompanied by strong instruments. We need more of this in today's country music.


Mo is the real deal, a true country artist. Great lyrics, and music. And sung to perfection


Thank you Mo!!! Excellent stuff my friend...Larry

Sandite Mom

Great country music!


Love your music! Happy to support and to pre-order and await the CD. Best of luck to Mo, a new favorite of mine.


We've been following this Mo Pitney for a while now and he's finally got an album ready to be released. His music is mostly traditional country. A throwback to the original roots of country music and he writes some of his own songs. A refreshing voice in the country genre. Check him out!


There is hope for the future of country music!


Mo is a great artist and scholar of country music! Your music collection is not complete without his music! Very refreshing and new yet traditional!

Corey Kent White

Mo Pitney is the real deal. He's a God-fearing country singer. Merle Haggard would be proud.


I really like how someone with such a great acctual COUNTRY sound has a song called "country" where he expresses open-mindedness about what country really is!

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Really liking this guy. He sticks to true country and isn't a douchebag like Chris Lane


He sings country like it should be sung. Wonderful voice and wonderful music!


This album will be unlike anything out here now. I am just so excited for your release Mo. Your voice and outlook on life is everything. Buy this album, you won't be disappointed!

time well wasted

I have been waiting for this album forever! I can't not wait to get this in my hands!


I could not be more excited to get this album.


I love Mo Pitney. He creates country music that's current yet sticks to the fundamentals of the genre. Great stuff!