Morgan Wallen - Dangerous: The Double Album

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Dangerous: The Double Album Tracklist:


Ryan Carr_

no bad songs in here. Morgan does it again🔥🔥


What an album! Great job! This song is my favorite though!



Hill Sandlin

Your beautiful, your voice is crazy beautiful. The whole album is fire and my heart needed it so much. Definitely hoping GA is on your mind this year 😘🎸


This is the best country album I’ve heard in a long time and Morgan is just a phenomenal country singer/artist! 🙌🏼🔥🔥


Everything about this is great. Such a great album

Kc brooks

Never fails to impress


Wow what a great album!!! This man cannot make a bad song. He’s the reason why I got into country. Classic country with a little bit of modern. He’s very real with his music and is just a great artist.


Morgan you did it again, fantastic! NOT one bad song! 30 Songs? Thank you!!

moragn wallen for life

This album is the best one out there you can’t tell me I’m wrong


I have listened to the entire album 4 times. So many are already favorites and enjoying terrible them sink into my soul and heart. He sings with so much emotion and you can hear the experience in his tone. I don’t hate that sweet southern accent either. 😁. Looking forward to concert season, if COVID allows, and hearing you in person. Thank you for elevating my playlist Morgan Wallen.


I’ve always been a fan of Morgan’s every since I saw him on The Voice. I know he will be headlining concerts as soon as this pandemic is over. He’s an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see where this guy goes!

Stay At Home Shopper

I am obsessed with this double album. Every song is good!


This whole album is amazing like from start to bottom! But these songs i have above hit me hard! But this album is so 🔥


LOVE this song, what an amazing voice!!❤️


How do people listen to this?


just when i thought it couldn’t get any better.. this man is so talented it hurts my soul. amazing. speachless.


It’s been a long time since I heard a great country singer. Although I’m not a huge fan of Wasted On You (because of the beat), I’m sure other fans will like it. Full album on repeat!! Keep up the great work Wallen, excited for more to come.

[email protected]

Nothing but bangers 🔥





Air Force Wife11

You can seriously do no wrong Morgan. Everything you touch is gold. This album is absolutely AMAZING. I love every song and how genuine and authentic you are. Thank you for the gift of this heartfelt real country music.




His voice always gives me goosebumps . I love his song’s.

Hilary doodle

I love it! Every single song!! This album will be on repeat for the foreseeable future! Thanks Morgan!! ♥️♥️♥️

Carter Pettit

Omggg I love this ... all of the songs r very catchy and they have great meaning and the songs are very easy to understand!!!!


Can’t stop listening. So many great songs!


In love with pretty much every song on this album! Never write reviews but this one was a must! Good job Morgan!🙌🏼🙌🏼




Morgan wallen is the best in the game !!!


I’ve loved watching him grow as an artist and this album is amazing.


Lots of greats songs sung but a great voice.

Aaleahyas mommy

Absolutely in LOVE with this song 😍😍🎶🎶

dgcxfvdzgcg hdx

Love all of them

Yaya Steen

Just love your authentic country voice, Country Music needs more like you!


Best country album of the decade!


The absolute best!

Medic 93

This album is fire. I love every song. Awesome job.

Eden Pauley <3

it has been 2 days and i already know all the lyrics to every song.

Yo 262784

Only about 5 of these songs are country. Morgan is likeable and a lot of the songs are fun. But I just can’t consider them country.


Another great album. Love it


Such an amazing album! Not a bad song on it!

Stephanie F84

Morgan! This is the best!!!!!! Beautiful 💛💛


Have my favorites, but not a bad song on the whole DOUBLE ALBUM. Thank you Morgan!!


This amazing!! You got that complete twang and country vibe! Good work bro! 28/30


this is the best country album ive ever listened to. its been on repeat for days!!

NH Country Lover

There’s nothing like country music you can get lost in. Even if you’ve never experienced it if a song writer is a great story teller you feel like you’re living the song. Morgan makes you feel like you’re with him in every song on Dangerous. You have fun, you feel heart ache, romance and even a little bit of a hangover just by listening to the album. Hands down one of the best performing writers in country music with the likes of Eric Church and Thomas Rhett. Dangerous is 2021’s version of 2011’s Chief. I’ve been waiting a decade for another kickass, sing-a-long, top to bottom country album. Cheers to Morgan!


This double album is BEYOND amazing. How will Morgan Wallen and/or his producers decide which singles to release as they are ALL amazing? Morgan, your talent is so respected!


I love this song better than the original. Not typical for remakes!

country goorl

This album is my favorite album right now. Morgan really outdid himself with this. Sand in my boots and 865 are my top two right now