Nelly & Florida Georgia Line - Lil Bit

℗ 2020 Records Label, LLC / Columbia

Lil Bit - Single Tracklist:


This should NOT be in the country genre nor be ever even released!


This auto tune junk is closer to rap than country


This is trash


Ppl mad that iTunes mistakes it for country. Like lol that’s all? Lol


I’m sorry I thought this was the country genre


Put this trash under a different genre


Love it! Nelly is awesome with Georgia Florida Line!!


Bop! 😆🤠🤘🏼


Great collaboration!

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

At first this song didn’t impress me, but after watching the live performance, I love this song now.


Not good


I’ve never been a hater of FGL, I think that though they are kinda poppy, their music is pretty good. That being said, this song is pretty bad 🤣


Love this song🔥. Much love to my Idol Nelly🙌🏽.

Daddy's girl 50

I like it Really do not care what genre it is listed in

Pito and Nana

It goes to show you that America really is blending!


Fun Song when you need a good beat to dance through your day!


Great song! I love that Nelly makes any song sound good just like Charlie Puth does as well!

double digit

I like it. FGL and Nelly do really good together. You got the Cruise Remix and you got this. The music fits with the lyrics. It is just one of those songs that you don’t always here. Buy!


It’s on beat . Nice to ride too. Great job guys.


I miss the old Florida Georgia line


cuz it’s NOT urban! Not sure where y’all live lol

Garrett engler 28

Its a bop


I really like this song, it has a great beat and vibe. I’m a Nelly fan though and had no idea it was listed as country. I don’t care about genres though. I’ll listen to anything if it can hold my attention and help me feel motivated and/or happy.

n. bbbdjdjjf

I’ve never heard such trash at number 2 on the country charts and there’s been a lot of terrible songs. That’s saying something. #straitjackson2020 Make Country Music Great Again!!!!

Jacqueline Cedillo

I just love anything this man does!


Love this song.


I like Nelly and I like this song. Not a FGL fan but Nelly is awesome!


WTH is this. I get the rocking rhythms but rap? If you like the music its good but it aint country

Jk op

They are changing 🙁

chicago med

You were ky top 2 picks by far which were Kaitlyn and Artem and Nelly and Daniella ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳 i wish you both could have won ! GR8 job to nelly and daniella !!! You are both amazing together and i LIV THIS SONG 🎶 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10 kepp up the Gr8 work ! And gr8 dancing on dwts !! (2020 season 29 dwts) !!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


I beg of y’all to please stop saying this is country. This is not country


This song is so good I love listening to it.. it’s an easy feel good song that just makes you want to sing along. I’m a fan of both Nelly and FGL and love what they have done here! I think it’s a great mash up of both genres and appreciated these artists’ creative collaboration!!! So good!!


You are amazing guys! I love this song!


Love the hip hop mixed w country sound! Can’t stop listening to this


City folk


Nelly is better than any mainstream “rapper” now


I like the track, I bought it, but it’s not country.. Just because the artist SAYS the track is country, doesn’t mean it is. And that’s ok! It’s called alternate for a reason.


This song is amazing anyone who can’t dance or can’t hear and has a problem with it can politely shove it!


Florida Georgia Line used to have good music back in the day. They’ve gone so far downhill. I wish they would return to their roots.


They’ve put out recently BUT this song is great and very catchy.

Mama Needs Bourbon

This is an absolute abomination to the ears. I never was a huge FGL fan, but as others have stated they were catchy enough that it wasn’t awful. But this is just atrocious. This is falsely listed as country, and should not be on the radio (in any genre). Both artists care more about releasing songs than about creating good music. I miss the 90’s. Or even 2000’s.


There’s a reason Luke is dominating right now. Because he isn’t doing this.


They want to recreate the success they had with Nelly on cruise.


It’s over. It’s time for you all to leave.


This song is very catchy. I could listen to this on repeat all day. Nelly is back.


I used to not mind their music but this is just god awful

kingdom w/ my timbs on

Good mix of genres



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