Pete Yorn - iTunes Live from SoHo

℗ 2009 Sony Music Entertainment

iTunes Live from SoHo Tracklist:


Great live EP. Good audio quality.


Tracks done live and acoustically offer a whole new spin on the already amazing Pete Yorn songs. I especially love the harmonica solo in 'Life on a Chain'.


Finally, Back & Fourth live versions to own. Mixed with a couple older favorites and the amazing New Order cover, Bizarre Love Triangle, I haven't heard of a more sweet acoustic set from PY than this one. Other highlights are Strange Condition (a first for me to hear acoustic) and On Your Side. But the majority from Back & Fourth are what make me giddy.


Regardless of his momentary lapse in judgement during the whole Scarlet Johannsen thing, Yorn is still worth the listen. This album is exactly what I expected, which is to say that Pete Yorn is one of the rare musicians that sound just as good live as on a studio album. If you like Pete Yorn, you'll like this album.


pete yorn has a very original voice. he amazing live! and "life on a chain" is still my favorte tune by pete!