Riley Green - If It Wasn't for Trucks - EP

℗ 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

If It Wasn't for Trucks - EP Tracklist:


I couldn’t help but think of Chris Ledoux every now and then. Love your sound.


This kid from Bama is good!


I saw him on the ACMs


Best song ever


Love this talented guy!!!


Great song-writing and overall sound. Pair him on tour with Luke Combs, Eric Church, or Jason Aldean and will be the next superstar


It may not be so much country style music but the words to the songs are usually country related/lifestyle


Riley will always be Riley. Love it or hate it. He sings songs about who he is what he knows.

Crew Patterson

This song needs to be #1 right now love Riley green


This is the weakest crap. Not an original idea or tune in the whole bunch.


Need more of him around


Great EP In my opinion “if it wasn’t for trucks” is the best song out right now this deserves a lot more attention great reel country music hope you release they don’t make em like that no more


This is NOT country music. This guy is a poser just like so many other “country” singers. If you think he’s genuine and you think singing about trucks, blue jeans and Jesus makes you, or him, “country” then you’re a poser too...or just a gullible fool. It’s so wildly obvious that I’m convinced the people saying this is “real country” are mentally deficient or bots. Comedians literally make jokes about this stuff. This is POP MUSIC with “country/southern/redneck” themes. It’s “neo-country” at best.

Epic Fail King 21

I usually don’t like country very much but this was good :))


- the rest of the album is great too. 😎


this is exactly what's wrong with music...the worst


One of the best country stars out there right now

Buggest fan

Man can do no wrong love everything you do King

Pastor Steve J.

5 out of 5

Diesel King

Great songs Riley. You are a top notch artist. Love this EP. Can’t wait for more. I love that you sing about trucks, Chevys, Fords, Wranglers, Jesus 🙏🏻, Reagan 🇺🇸, Church 🙏🏻 on a first date.


This is COUNTRY music. Every song is amazing. You will not be disappointed.


Awesome album!!


C j


Been missing this kind of country sound. Riley hits a homerun with this EP - a no-doubter !


Perfect mix of twang and a newer sound.


Love this man and the songs he puts out. Honeslty what was he doing before this because MY GOD, THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC! <3 Still holding out hope he'll meet my sister (hah)... she's active duty Space Force (worth a shot right?). You are amazing Riley Green! Keep doing THIS!


Great music. Thanks for giving me something good to listen to!


Riley is going places!!! Love every song!


Real modern country. Love it


Every song he comes out with have a story and that’s what I call real country music.


This sounds like someone parodying country music


Another set of great songs you can drive around to and drink some cold beer too. Nice and relaxing great vibes


Really country music with steel and fiddle, hell of an EP.


It’s not good enough anymore to just insert random words like “truck”, “blue jeans”, “Jesus”, “cold beer”, and “boots” into your songs to convince people you’re making “country music”. Now you also have to name your songs and albums after those words too. These people have become a complete parody. Singing in a southern accent about trucks doesn’t make it country music.


Trucks, Chevys, Fords, Wranglers, Jesus, Reagan, church on a first date. This dude takes every country cliche, puts them all in a blender and spits them out again. Pathetic.


Riley Green is legit


Some of the best country music out right now! Keep doing you Riley!


Love everything this man puts out