Sara Evans - Stronger

℗ 2011 Sony Music Entertainment

Stronger Tracklist:


so strong.


I love "a little bit stronger" Alot. I barely like country but that song is nice :) and i'm black... So kudos to you sara! YAY

Luke a Tarbay



I love this cd the songs are so amazing and I have 4 out of 7 CDs and I can't wait until her new cd comes out in late summer or early fall


Im very young,I have self confidence problems,and she made me better :)


Thank you for inspiring me Sara through cancer treatment. This album sounds like the sounds that inspired me to fight more. Thanks again!

A baked potato

me an Sara Evans are apparently third cousins and I've never heard any I her music until now...


I love Sara and her voice, whether strong or plaintive, driving or laid-back. I have to admit that all the songs here are quite good and some really excellent. My only wish is that Sara would sing some ballads where she doesn't have to fight all the electronica of modern country bands. Some sound like a race to the finsish between vocalist and band. Give us fans just one or two soft ballads sung in Sara's unique voice accompanied by an acoutic guitat. Whaddya say?


Taylor can only dream of looking and singing like Sara. To all the tweens carping about a font, go font yourselves.


Look at the font her name is written in; it's exactly the same as the font used on Taylor Swift's CDs!! If it's not bad enough all their voices sound the same, now they're using the same font!


Sara Evans you are a great, awesome and talented singer! Ignore negativity probably just a kid with nothing better to do. Tip for those being rude and negative... Why did you buy or listen to her music if you do not like her?? Stolen font???? Really that is so lame... I didn't realize we could claim a font and call it our own... I do believe it was designed for whoever wanted to use it!!

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I love Julia SHERR she is much better then sara Like OMg look up Julia SHERR she is the best country singing ;-D

Jace Juliano

Not even half as good as T-Swizzle, and btw, Sara's first album released (Greatest Hits) with Tay's font was in 2007. However, Taylor released her first album (Taylor Swift) with her signature font in 2006!


I like this album but... I really like "Sara Evans: The Early Years". It's a great way to see how much she had grown.


She is a great singer and i loved her live it was awesome love sara

Keep rockin on

She's my new favorite country singers. I love country!!! She's made me love it<<<<33333


She stole Taylor swift's font! I've never heard any of her songs though so I'm giving this 3 stars.


We want the songs Sara & Adam sang together!!! They would sell like crazy on iTunes! :) Who wouldn't want to buy a beautiful girl from the south & the hottest rock star songs?!


Awesome saw her in Tulsa last night




THAT IS TAYLOR'S FONT. YOU NEED TO CHANGE THAT RIGHT NOW, MISSY!! Love, All the lovely Swifties at the Taylor Swift App xoxo


I'm in love with this album! I do have to agree that compared to the other albums, this one does come up a bit short, but it is fantastic for her first one in 6 years. and even though I've never experienced a relationship, "a little bit stronger" helps me get through those tough days when nothing ever seems to go right. thanks Sara for making great music! I hope to see you in concert someday! <3


Very good to pop in the cd player or listen to on the radio anytime.


All i can say about this cd is awsome i love her songs. anywhere is one of my favs. all the songs on this cd is awsome. i just got done seeing her in concert for the frist time. and if any of you have not yet seen her in concert plz do bc you will love it.


She took her font from Taylor swift, that is the font Taylor uses for her albums since she was young, and it was specially made for her.


She is not the greatest singer in the world. And her voice really annoys. "I'm a little bit stronger" is just plain boring and has no value. To me of course. Everybody has their own opinion.

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Sara truely has an amazing voice, and I love her rendtion of Rod Stewart's 'My heart can't tell you no. I voted for her on the CMA'S. She's in a class all her own! PURE COUNTRY!


Best album by Sara. Love the Rod Stewart remake. Better than his I think.

nina wilson

this song is something everyone can probably relate to after a break up!!! its amazing! - Nina wilson


What a joke. Sara Evans - go back to being a housewife. Vomit...

Suzns Seal of Approval

Love the sound of Sara's voice. And the music style is creatively written.


I am a HUGE Sara fan, but I must say that this is not her best effort. Many of the songs are great - I especially love "My Heart Can't Tell You No," "What That Drink Cost Me," "Ticket To Ride" and "Alone." However, most of the other songs are not up to Sara's normal standard as far as clever songwriting and nice production goes. And it's way too short! I have some demos for this album, and let me tell you, a lot of what was left out should have been kept. It's still good, though, and I'm hoping she'll get her form completely back on her next album.

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@hollred I believe you tell you're aunt the a fan said she's amazing

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Let me say first that I am not a Sara Evans fan. However, remaking a Rod Stewart song is not my idea of putting out new music after 6 years. There are thousands of great song writiers in Nashville and she does a cover song. Now I know that a record exec or the producer suggested the song because they needed another single. But, doing something like this ranks up there with Brooks and Dunn doing "Missing You" by John Waite or Alan Jackson doing "Summer Time Blues." Where is your artistic integrity? I am not a fan of cover songs never have been and never will. New means new not recycled. Sara, Rod Stewart doesn't need anymore money.


She's good, but the album dosent really grab me. However, I like ticket to ride, a little bit stronger, and life without losing. It strikes me that there isn't much in the way of slow songs and I think her voice would be better suited to those. Also, are you people arguing over a font? A FONT? Really? And for the record, to me they dont even look like the same font only similar. Still, a font is an immeasurably stupid thing to argue over


If you like Sarah Evans you should check out the new country artist Angela Sue Cheslock and her album Leave Me Weathered


her album and especially song A Little Bit Stronger has opened my eyes and helped me through tough times. I definitely feel a little bit stronger every day. thank you for singing such true music. your words are inspiring


I looooove this song!!!!! Best country song ever!


Sara was awesome in this album! "A Little bit Stronger was my fav good jobs Sara!!

Tiffiny22 my favorite song on here. Why can I say? It made me feel a little bit stronger :) 


Actually I looked it up, Sara Evans used the font in 2007, and Taylor's first album came out in 2006, so Taylor had it first, but she has a great album regardless of her font. A font is a font, and music is music, two DIFFERENT things.


Saw Sara in concert with Rascal Flatts, I loved her My Heart Can't Tell You No...everyone has had something thay wanted but couldnt have, I love her and hope her career continues on forever!!!!!!!!


and to you people who are sayin that she should die you should die i am a huge taylor swift fan but it is a FONT anyone can use it didnt carrie underwood use it too anyways you shouldnt be mad about somthing this silly

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I can't believe it this is the best album you've eve made I love the song stronger I listen to it 5 times a day it's awesome


This is the weakest album of her career... Her writing skills have one down hill! Stronger is the best on here and its the only one she didnt write. Im ready to get the old Sara back... These songs don't even seem to fit together on the same album. Im really disappointed with this one :(

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When Sara makes records that work they are among the best I have ever heard. I haven't heard the whole lp/cd so I am here to comment on my 2 favs, at least at this point. I don't think the high notes on this album reach the highs on Real Fine Place but they certainly do come close. I thought some of Real Fine Place were the best recordings of the first half of this decade, so for me the bar was set really high by Sara and her mighty team. OK, so far my two favs are the upbeat Anywhere and Desperately and they are brilliant.


Anyone else notice that her name on the album cover is in the same font as Taylor Swift's name always is? I thought that was interesting... But anyway, Sara has a beautifulllllll voice and is truly talented! My only concern is that some of the songs sound the same. But it's still very good. (:


I generally like Sara Evans' music but I kinda find this album a bit boring. The songs on this collection sound very similar and makes it hard for me to listen to for any length of time.


i love sara's voice. this album has some great songs but my favorite song is a little bit stronger, i like its message. keep on keepin' on sara. thanks for a great album.


In October 2010, I attempted suicide because I too was done letting people drag my heart around. Now I have to pick up the pieces and rebuild my life while realizing those very same people will never change. I have my good days and my bad days, and this song makes the good ones even more sweet and the bad ones just a little more bearable. I doubt you'll ever read this (Sara Evans) but I just want to thank you. Thank you for finally putting the words to what I've been going through. You'll never know how much that means.