Sevendust - The Day I Tried to Live

℗ 2020 Rise Records

The Day I Tried to Live - Single Tracklist:

Djent is a retarded term

Love 7Dust, have seen them live over 30 times, own one of Clints sig SE PRS models, I have both John and Clints instructional videos/stories, I have physical copies of every album/deluxe versions, DVD’s their TV airtime special (1st Retrospective) their Retrospective 2 CD/DVD’s EP’s, soundtracks that featured B-Sides. Was a shame the bonus track Abuse Me was only offered on Overseas editions of album Alpha. Killer song and 2nd album with Sonny on guitar when Clint left and was not on Next, Alpha, and CH. 7 Hope and Sorrow. Though he toured during CH. 7. I also have CD’s of all their side projects, Projected, Call Me No One, Clints solo stuff and HDMS acoustic based stuff. All Dark New Day albums when Clint left 7Dust and joined them with his brother Corey. Also love Van Halen and these dudes are friends with Eddies son Wolfie, and friends with Tremonti, and I luv his solo albums, heavy. Even bands like Eye Empire that had Corey Lowery on bass and BC on guitar of Nonpoint another band I fully support. I loved bands that knew how to bring the heavy of Metal and Hard Rock but with having singing chops like all the bands I’ve mentioned, especially Sevendust. Every member does vocals, and yes Vinny on bass needs his credit for backing vocal duties also ha🤘. Anyway, 7Dust has never been big on covers hearing John quotes it being from them all never being able to agree on a song to do ha. They covered a Marvin Gaye track, they covered Schools Out by Alive Cooper, and they’ve covered a Twisted Sister song, being tight with a member from that band who worked on their first records. 7Dust was there while I was a kid, in the military, and still kickn a** today. I believe Chris Cornell would have been extremely honored and thought this version of Soundgarden song 7Dust did was outstanding. Sevendust just knows how to be a band that never loses they’re core sound. They can experiment and somehow always manage to continue writing kick a** records. Bring on the new album! 🤘🎸🤘


Great cover with a Sevendust twist to it. 🤘🏼


Easily one of the best bands still going strong. Any album or cover song they do is pure gold. Good stuff 👍.


The band that saved me as an adult covering the band that saved me as a teenager. Nothing better, everything beautiful, exactly what I needed today!


Great new single!


Another amazing song by LJ and crew. Great Sevendust song with perfect amount of respect for Chris and crew in Soundgarden.


no other band could pull this off way to go Morgan and the boys


Song gave me goosebumps, great tribute to Soundgarden and the late Chris Cornell


Covering Soundgarden takes balls. Sevendust did em justice though. Great job guys!

In\/isible Kid

Classy, Tasteful, Heavy. Welcome back boys!!! Sevendust has arrived!


Such a great cover! Well done guys🤘🏼


This is a great tribute to great band and a great singer from another great band, Sevendust is so under rated and over looked, They have carried that metal flag for a long time. Much respect to them.


Amazing cover Sounds amazing RIP Chris Cornell 💙🙏🏽🥰