Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift (Bonus Track Version)

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Taylor Swift (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:

honey chill✌️😜👏💁😉

Our song slaps 👏😉


This album is gold and no one can say otherwise

Daniel Gebon

I love all of her albums especially this one. My favs are Tim McGraw, Picture To Burn, I’m Only Me When I’m with You, Should’ve Said No.

Dude. no

Amazing person. She lit up my world with her first album. So glad she’s still around singing today. We Stan with Tay!!

I luv icarly1111



So IF you’re missing me, better keep it to yourself We were both young when I first saw YOU DON’T say yes run away now Pierce the room LIKE a cannon ball He could be my jailer, Burton to this TAYLOR, If she was a man, she’d be THE man No one likes a mad woman, what a SHAME Ps. Love the album love Taylor this is iconic

lucy and emmet

I love Taylor, always going one step forward then other artists. GO TAYLOR


Taylor is a goddess and her debut album is the beginning of her incredible career. This album SLAPS and will still slap in all of the years to come.

Trust and Us


luke :))

Not the best but not the worst. TimMcGraw and Shoudlve said No are great. But Picture to Burn and Our Song are ICONIC!!!!


i just love how even after all the years ppl are still leaving reviews. and yes ik im making one now but that’s only to share my highly intellectual opinion. ;p


Taylor Swift is the best


All you did was whine into a mic.


If she were the man she’d be the man


This album surely takes me back!! Our Song still slaps

reputation 222

Beautiful Melodies !

Garrus Vakarian12

Five stars for Taylor. Her debut album is delightful. She has good vocals and song lyrics. A few songs were just ok but majority of them were really amazing. Taylor has a country accent compared to her later albums which sounds more city like.


Taylor has been such an inspiration in my life. Her songs are real, authentic, and amazing. Every one of her albums are amazing, but this is an absolute favorite! Love you Taylor!💗💗💗

spirit princess

I love teardrops on my guitar your so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor Swift is the best I love her so much

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

I love Teardrops on my guitar!!!!🥺💖🙏


I love this but hey I am good at singing

Wizard legabsbbs



My favorites were tied together with a smile,should’ve said no and a place in this world I love her


I loved you since the Fearless Taylor Swift stage.


Literally as good as it gets, this album is *mwah* chefs kiss


Not bad for a 17 year old


For this album I am all swifty Taylor awesome self titled album was a HIT Taylor being a 15 16 year old girl she was teen SENSATION

dolan super fan😭❤️😘

Hi 👋 my is sara 👩‍❤️‍👩 I am not pregnant 🤰 maybe in the future you know so yea how is your day going I love you xoxo 😘 so much by the way I’m a senior now which is crazy an cool an awesome an sweetest year so become you will have senior prom an yea

Leah the swiftie🦋🏳️‍🌈❤️

This album is just the cutest album ever!! I know all the words to all the songs and I just love Taylor soooo much!!! I love Mary’s Song and A Perfectly Good Heart! Love u Tay forever and always!!!❤️🦋


Yeeeee hawww🤠🤠🤠


This will be everything you need to review and listen to Taylor’s album. 1. Do NOT purchase this album off of Apple. The profits no longer go to Taylor. But you should purchase lover from here, she does own it. 2. Do NOT rate this album one star because of Scooter. Rate it what you think about the album, and then say something about scooter. But if you rate it one star it changes the albums rating which is another blow to Taylor 3. Do NOT go to Taylor’s YouTube channel, Scooter makes money from that as well. 4. Your best option to listen to a Taylor album and still support her is to go to a fan account on YouTube that re-uploads and download it from there. The fan accounts can grow and you can listen to the song without supporting scooter. 5. Go preorder Lover while Taylor still owns it! Support our girl no matter what!


her first album and it’s so iconic. all written by a 15 year old/16 year old. needs more recognition. give taylor this album back and her other masters as well scooter!!


This album is so good omg I could listen to this album 1,000,000 times and not get sick of it. I highly recommended this. The album is not as good as the new one though


don’t buy from scooter braun rn until taylor swift gets her music back thanks!! stream lover 8.23

Raymond's world

Love Mary’s song. Also should have said no’s good, but I don’t really listen to anything else. Speak now is really good though.


i love these songs still in 2019 and “teardrops on my guitar” is such a good song and somehow today was the first day i heard it and i love it! definitely a great buy!


Stop taking away reviews for the love of-


This is the Taylor Swift we all liked. She was a great country singer. Then she went to pop music and everything changed. We want this girl back. Good album anyway I guess.

bianca mclughin

Hi I hope your surgery was well I haven’t been repaired and

taylor is perfect



Lol I don’t really actually know this album that well but from the songs I’ve heard so far it’s great. I am like mostly about Speak Now, Red, Reputation, and 1989 but still absolutely amazing and jaw-dropping album. I definitely 100 percent recommend this.🥰😁


Love this album omg


I love this!



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