Taylor Swift - Speak Now

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Speak Now Tracklist:


Masterclass on songwriting




Amazing example of Swift’s growth and her evolution from a country darling to a pop Queen to her own unique sound. The songwriting is amazing here. One of her best albums. Every song is great. 💜


favorite album so talented


I have no words besides that its so freaking amazing. It has always been and always will be my favorite album till I die.


Folklore just came out, but that didn’t mean I could come back and start rating old TS albums! It’s so hard not just to press 5 because they’re so good so I think they deserve that many stars! Let’s go people Now Evermore


I have been a fan of Taylor Swift for ages but I haven’t been to into her older albums till now! People take her older (and almost all her songs for granted) music for granted. Her songs are great and meaningful! Amazing albums and songs


This is one of her best albums. Haunted is the best song !!


This album shows everything she is; Strong, smart, beautiful, kind, and fearless. She shows amazing song writing skills in Mine and her amazing voice in Haunted. Highly recommend this album, but don’t purchase it yet. I’m not sure if the guys are still getting money for it or if she is. Research it first, our Taylor deserves the money and credit for this album, not some random dudes.


Aaaaaaaaaa @ aa. Aa a aa. Aaaa a a. A aa a a a a [email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected] queen slays again eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


This album is so iconic and perfect. Taylor Swift is an icon.


This song is garbage


It’s like she knows my life

Dude. no

And also I just read a review. Wow. “What happened? I liked her auto tuned garbage of you need to calm down!”... THIS ALBUM WAS TEN YEARS AGO DUDE. GET A WATCH. Btw h This album is 👍 Annabethx16 I’m thirteen thank you very much. I’m proud of the album and all others

fk&c #1 fan

She is just so amazing In what she does and I just love her album

Trust and Us


luke :))

This album is ELITE! Mine, Sparks Fly, Back to December, Speak Now, Never Grow up, The Story of Us, Better than Revenge, Mean, Ours are the BEST! MY FAVORITE ALBUM OF HERS AND MY FAVORITE ALBUM EVER!!


Country masterpiece 💜💜💜💜

lucy and emmet

LOVE IT! Miss country music. GO TAYLOR! ö got to go to bed

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

My favorites are Back to December and Enchanted.


self written masterpiece

Di Di 😜

If you didn’t know, Taylor’s old record label is owned by Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta. Scooter and Scott re-released all of her albums that are released by Big Machine Records to get money off of Taylor’s work. So please do not buy. The money you pay for this album will be going to Scooter Braun, and Scott Borchetta. Not Taylor.


Great Album!

money taken- no collage

Not that I don’t like your music now, but you were so good as a country artist. Listening to your music from ten years ago brings me back to a time where everything was simple. I was 2 years old when your first album came out and now I’m 15. Living in a time where you have no outside information as to what music is you just find out about new sounds from the radio. Listening to the same pop station got old but listening to you and your sweet voice brings me back to memories that I tear up with joy thinking about. When babe came out in 2018. I thought u might make a comeback. Lover was a solid album but let me say there is NO ALBUM that will top this one if you continue on the road you are on. I will always remain a fan and I am in no position to tell you who you should be, but let me suggest that you at least do pop and country so you will gain your fan base that you lost when you chose to do solely pop.


Please don’t buy it or stream it


And it's a masterpiece

Garrus Vakarian12

Great album. I loved most of the songs. You can see Taylor maturing a little from her voice compared to her first albums but it's still the same great Taylor with her vocals. Her songwriting is excellent and really tells a story.






I disagree with people who say that this is her best album (she only got better from here!), but even so, so many songs on here are exceptional! My favorites include "Enchanted," "Haunted," and — above and beyond all others — "Long Live." That song gives me goosebumps and/or brings tears to my eyes every time!


Need I say more?

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

Perfect album of the century. Last Kiss is my favourite of all time.🥺❤️

Oonsa oonsa

My mom always says that Never Grow Up reminded her of me when I was a baby and now it reminds me of my baby sister. Mean is relatable to me bc I had one of my friends turn everybody else against me. We're friends again and I got all of my old friends back, and made some new ones, too!


Kinda sounds like pop


Men hu


Every song is so completely deep and real and I love it. Every single song is relatable.


Miss these days


TRULY AMAZING IN EVERY WAY FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME TAYLOR IS SO TIMELESS THIS ALBUM IS TIMELESS ALL HER ALBUMS ARE TIMELESS BUT THIS ONE IS SO I CANT DESCRIBE I LOVE YOU TAYLOR, ps. Don’t buy or stream this album or debut through reputation because it will give money to scooter Braun not her


Buy this when Taylor owns her own rights or re-records.


This album is my most favorite country album by Taylor Swift and in this album the lyrics stand out completely. She is a true pro at making lyrics of songs and putting it together in my opinion. “Long Live” is the song that stands out in this album to Swifties like me because in the song she talks about her fans and how she cares for them even if something tries to get in the way of fandom. I have so much support and love for Taylor and her music up to this day still and this album is one to remember!

Ninjago Jaya shipper 22

I did a my first ballet dance to never grow up when I was five


It's easy to argue that this album is probably Taylor's best album from top to bottom. It's beautifully written and beautifully sung. There is a perfect blend of slower ballads and faster, uptempo songs, some of which are pretty rocking. This album helps make the statement that Taylor is easily one of the greatest musical talents of all time and anybody that thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.


The music is amazing. All Taylor Swift's music is so amazing, but I wanted the digital booklet from Speak Now so I purchased the whole album even though I have a prescription to Apple music. I am however unsure how to view the digital booklet even though it says that I purchased it?? Bummer. There is a star missing until I find the digital booklet. At least it was one of Taylor Swift's albums that I purchased so it's not a waste of money. I think I will buy all of Taylor's music still even though I have Apple music. I think I need to buy 4 copies of Lover in a few weeks to get all 120 pages of Taylor's journal pages. SWFT4LF

This album though

Maybe at magical album that captures every emotion on the spectrum. What a masterpiece, lyrically, production wise and vibe wise

Music artist🎧🎤

Don’t listen to album of the year it’s perfection and all but he’s probably the scooter trying to convince you to buy just listen to it on YouTube love you Taylor 💝


Taylor, queen of self-written albums


Don’t listen the the one under this comment STREAM AND BUY ALL TAYLOR MUSIC

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