The Chicks - Gaslighter

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Gaslighter Tracklist:




The Chicks formerly known as Dixie Chicks! Which taking a wild guess is due to the issues of inequality now but even though the name has changed the music still works!

trace 5!!

Will not listen because of the name change!!! Give me a f—-ing break!!!


I’m just a country kid. I like country music. I didn’t like this.


I find being called the chicks more offensive then dixie chicks. I thought theses were tough women.

Big Texas Jack

Poor music even a name change couldn’t fix.


What the F has happened to this band, this is not country. What’s wrong with them to change their names? That’s totally not even needed or called for. Their music is nothing like their older music which was way better. Saying RIP to get another band changing for the ways of corporate libs. Oh well, off to enjoy my day. Forever goodbye silly Dixie chicks


They were written off and pushed out if the country scene for being too political, but the sad truth is that they were just speaking their truth as they saw it. I supported and applauded them for bravely standing their ground. I’ll be a fan for life and love March March so I’m looking forward to the other tracks.

Jay Gee

Nothing new with these songs. Automatic skip melodies.

Aggie 244

Just trash


So... “Dixie” is racist now? R.I.P. Murica’


What a load of crap!


This is more “pop-y” than some of their old work, but people are allowed to evolve and change their sound, especially when it’s done right like this album. I’m happy to have this to listen to on my way to work and get me pumped for my day.

SJW dork

Your group name is hurtful to small chickens everywhere. Perhaps change your name to just “THE”

Lulu Pilona

And their calling themselves "Chicks" perpetuates sexist language. This is just pandering. Time to re group.


The DIXIE chicks are the most bigoted women in the planet.


Love it!!! Unapologetic


And crappy “songs” to boot


These ladies have been through hell and back and have yet to lose any sense of skill or songwriting. The one stars are given by Trump supporters who only want to here political commentary by people who have the same views as them, point blank. The singles are well though out and fit mainstream Country while maintaining their roots.


...for all people who review a cd before it’s even released with any of the songs. Not me tho. I am perfect and I changed my name to something without Dixie in it.


You guys have been missed. Don't stay away so long next time. Keep singing and speaking your mind. We need it now more than ever. "Gaslighter" is a great lead single and "March March" is a fantastic follow up with a great needed message.


Maybe they need to become politicans instead of singers. All they do is shove their liberal views down people's throats.






I do not listen to contemporary country music, I have never purchased any music by these 3 ladies. I decided to buy this album to give them my support for their courage. That I happen to like what I have been hearing so far is a bonus. I will check out their back catalogue now. More power to these wonderful chicks.


Country or pop - who cares? If it were me I’d be done with country forever after how the Chicks were treated by country music fans. It’s a new era with new music! Thank you, Chicks, for releasing this album. It’s high time!


I’ve always loved them. So happy to hear their hearts ♥️. Great songs.


Loving all the new songs so far! Really echoes the crap happening now and that makes me feel better




Exactly what you've been waiting for. Yaaaaaassssss!!!


This album was worth the wait. Powerful songs by powerful chicks! 💪🏻

Abby applesauce

Sounds like something from a high school musical soundtrack.


This will be my mantra ... my new theme song /treadmill/marching/resistng/protest song.. army of one #BMM


Just wow! Congrats on a powerful and meaningful piece of art. Maybe this will help us all remember what’s been achieved in the world because we simple marched.


This will be the best album of 2020


They keep trying to put out the same junk. Change ur name all u want. Glam pop country. They lost it along time ago. No thanx.

Ronin 5150

Just a bunch of has been clowns


I can't believe a band would change their name to something this degrading to women. The Chicks? What kind of cheap, disrespectful name is that?!?! I prefer "Three Women of Non-Descript Regional Location and Gender"


I am beyond excited with the a new album dropping. Each new song released is better than the last. Love, love, love these women and what they stand for!


I think I’d rather listen to Kane Brown... JK it still horrible though.


Yall get used to this because they AINT GOING NOWHERE

Roth Baby!

Terrible music.. I’ll PASS 🤢🤮 “THE CHICKS?” Bahaha I’m not sure if they are even females. They should rename the band “The Communists” 😂


I’ve preordered your album because of “March March” song and video. I’ve loved and bought your previous albums, and I’ve missed you!! I am thrilled to hear of your reunion. Loved seeing you all on ELLEN. FYI...this lesbian loves The Chicks!! (all puns intended!) “March March” rocks rocks! Thank you Thank you!


I love their older stuff...this new album...big thumbs down.


Political money grab. They should be ashamed.


No relevant

kris < 3

this album is so bad that i’m scratching my head wondering how people gave it 5 stars.


What happened to them

O. Palumbo

You were done in 05 when you Gabe your political stance on tour. Bye ! Again