The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land

β„— 1997 XL Recordings Ltd

The Fat of the Land Tracklist:

Nate Dynamite


My parents played this so much when I grew up. I totally forgot about this album until it came up! Love it

Big Baba 1

1 of the 10 albums I would have with me when stranded (and help was not close.) to pass time. Opened up a whole new generation to electronica and techno plus got some H/C heads to listen as well. Major album! RIP Kieth Flint


Thankful to grow up with this music


One of the best albums with multiple hits check it out

T-Money 10

Just remembered this album from childhood. So awesome and perfect.

so that's what genius sounds like..


The original dubstep album.

Ande k

This is a great album I think firestarter is the best Song Make Shor You Check It Out


Still great!


When I first heard this album, I imagined it was like how people felt when they heard rock n' roll for the first time. The energy, originality and sonic power of it was like nothing I'd heard before. I was in my 30's at the time, but driving around, playing it in my car (very loudly) made me feel like a kid again. To me, it was a game changer. A sonic masterpiece.


This album turns 19 today and it is seriously the best music you will ever listen too.

Romy romo

This is seriously one of the best electronic albums ever! Funker Vogts cover of Narayan beats the original here but these tracks are on my running playlist. Still awesome almost two decades later!


Listening to music has always been a huge passion for me and aggressive music always gets me going. This album delivers that aggressive sound while being electronic and making every song sound very different. If you like electronic, punk, metal, or hip hop buy this album.


When this first came out I was in high school. Played it constantly from beginning to end. When I Smoked, did cid and x, I always had this banging. Another classic is their "Music for the Jilted Generation". Very trippy. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ


Best electronic album ever.


When this first came out I hated it...but after a while it grew on me. I love this album and not only fits all music genres but stands the test of time...

BiG CheezY264

Some real good hard techno... Bump this whole CD with some hard bass I'm tellin you


I remember picking this album up at a K-Mart, in the Summer of 1997. I was hooked on this and Rammstein's "Sehnsucht"; two of my favorite albums from the 90's. I remember always playing this album when playing various Nintendo 64 games, like Super Mario 64, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, and Cruisn' USA. Today, whenever I play this album, it takes me back to that time when things were innocent and just better, in my opinion. The Fat of the Land, is simply an album you must listen to before you die and I still have my album from almost 18 years ago (how time flies...). This gets a perfect 10/10.


Recently just got the album after almost 18 years and it's still the best Electronic album and only one I can listen to from beginning to end. Plus it's a great soundtrack to any gym session.


I'm a Prodigy fan for 18 years!

xveronicax without a doubt the most awesome album ever.


The album is amazing, I am a 90's kid, it took a band like this to push electronics helping to evolve into daft punk, musically. We had New Order bring the rave and club atmosphere, Massive Attack, to now Swedish House Mafia.

Kimba 47

Epic since I was a youngin. Smack!


This is the best Prodigy album out. It's awesome through a system, or as a background playing a racing game on your console. Lol


I love Prodigy. This album is one of the best in my opinion.


The louder you play this, the better. Never got into electronic music much, but when my cousin introduced me to this album and Invaders Must die, well I became a sucker for big beat.


Need more music like this now.


Awesome Songs

voodoo hummer

Every prodigy album is the most amazing thing i have ever listened to. I would seriously recomend all of them, if you like this one then you will love the rest because they only get better.


The Prodigy, is the best electronica band ever


I love this album


I use to work security at a lot of raves when i was younger and I always thought Prodigy wasn't going to their full potential. Very talented and awesome music but I think they kept it like that to reach the fame and to fit into the local radio AirPlay. I used to have a Punk/Oi radio show but I would still slip in Prodigy and others to mix it up. I also used to loop Toni Basil's Mickey In Spanish when callers were being jerks.


Mindfields, Narayan, and Climbatize are the best. Narayan and Climbatize seem like they fit together!


I can't believe this Prodigy album has a mere 81 likes! It deserves way more. Every single song is amazing! This album was one of the best in my collection during my teens and it still is.


I'll always love this album


I can't stop listening to Diesel Power.


The only CD I ever threw out my car window into another car window because I needed someone else to experience it too.

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