Thomas Rhett - Tangled Up

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Tangled Up Tracklist:


I wouldn’t say it is. There’s nothing “Country” on this awful album, no matter how far you stretch that definition. But fine, it’s not country. Is it at least good. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no. Some of these songs are among the worst I’ve ever heard in my life. The only tolerable moments are Die a Happy Man (a massive Thinking Out Loud rip-off) and The Day You Stop Looking Back. Other than that, every song is atrocious. It’s a good thing Thomas Rhett got better with time, because if he was still cranking out garbage like this, I would never be able to listen to country radio.

Sab 183737

Definitely one of my favorite songs of his ever!!!

6 Jacksons

This is my favorite country song and Thomas Rhett is my favorite country singer. Great job on this one.


I don’t know why Thomas Rhett is so underrated like i think he deserves more


love it!


I love the songs keep them coming