Thomas Rhett - What's Your Country Song

℗ 2020 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

What's Your Country Song - Single Tracklist:


How many more “country” songs are we going to get with lazy lyrics referencing other songs? It’s repetitive and mundane. Where’s the originality? Where’s the vulnerability? Where’s the substance? Where’s the authenticity? I believe Thomas Rhett (along with the other “country artist” know who you are), should completely convert to pop. Make way for genuine country artists who actually have meaningful and touching lyrics and pleasant instrumentation. I’m tired of the emotionless computerized beats, the sleazy, cash-grab lyricism, and the wretched auto-tune!

no nickname needed to express

Last nail on his so called country career. His career style isn’t maturing as he ages - he’s still stuck in the skinny jeans country boy mud Singing songs that no one cares for. I’ll pass - so much better authentic country music out there.


I think if this was released in the warmer weather it would be a bigger hit. No social gatherings here to share music. It has a hot summer night vibe to it too


Just an excellent song that takes me back to my younger days. Keep up the good work sir


Loved it the first time I heard it. Listen to it like 20 times on YouTube.


Nothing original about Thomas Rhett, just another puppet for Nashville record execs. Not shocking though considering his dad is the biggest clown songwriter the industry’s ever seen.


I’m really digging this record some old school Thomas Rhett that’s a great catchy tune that we all need right now on the Radio airwaves

Epic album.

One of his best!


This isn’t a bad song for Thomas Rhett but it would be a lot better if someone else sang it


Great song TRhett! Can’t wait to hear this on the radio

Country Guy4587

The next album is going to be epic.


Actually none of your songs.


This song is so good! I love how he is making music with real instruments again! Keep it up!


Very catchy! Love the lyrics and how it’s based off other country hits. 10/10!


When TR makes a country song, he is at the absolute top of his game. This is another example of that. He can be so so good when he uses actual instruments rather than drum loops and this is exactly what everybody wants from him. Please keep it going like this for the new album


Great lyrics. Awful production. I wish he would quit pretending like he’s going to make actual country music.

Shannon Poast

This reminds me of her me some of that and his first album, love it!!!