Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying

℗ 2004 Curb Records, Inc.

Live Like You Were Dying Tracklist:


I really miss those kind of albums. For me this was his best album.

mom to money

I wish was a phone call away from never hearing from my children’s home


Please tell me about my sister and her son


Awesome music great voice plus will always remember you plus friendship


Your like the only person I will listen to you song are da best 🤗 I don't like T swift or anyone like that I love your songs😆


Love this album!! This album is right up with there with "A Place in the Sun." Miss Tim's old sound.


I've listened to "Live Like You Were Dying" since so long ago!!! ITS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES!!!!!


His rendition of "Live Like You Were Dying" is plain flat. He put no emotion at all into a really great song. LIsten to the CMA songwriters series version of this sone and you will know what this song is really about.

$$Got money$$

Great song

Strawberry 20000000

This is one of the best albums ever my 2 favorites are " Do you want fries with that, and live like you where dying"


$1.29 is too high for a song that is 10 years old.


I love all the songs

Really x100 good game

It's a great album! And u love it all!! It makes u think about life... My only comment it that and the album artwork, he could button up his shirt... Talk about putting hair on ur chest! Lol! Over all, great, amazing, and totally worth it! Buy it!

Bobby Joe jackal lik

This song absoulutley tells the life of my uncle wayne.He was an amasing man. We lost him in November of 2011. Thank you so muck Tim.


I really love the song live like you were dying by him it's a really great song. I think he is a really great singer and hope that he keeps writing these amazing songs


has so much meaning my favorite song is live like your dying i have to say i dont really like country songs that much but i like this one Tim did an awesome job!!!!!


That is one of my favourite song because that song is about his dad and the cancer that he died from and my grandma died of the same cancer


Okay, so totally, this album rocks. I never, ever was a fan of TM until I heard these songs. Now he's, like, the King of Country! Do you want fries with that is a totally hilarious song, and I laugh every time I hear it, mainly it's because it's hard to imagine Tim working at McDonald's. This is the best album of his YET! WAY TO GO, Tim! Did you know his real name is Samuel?

willliam 12

i was told by doc to live like i was diein b/c after i have back surgey i could not do all the things i like to do like firefighting and ems work and hunting and this song is a great song all around


Love this album; it is great, but I find myself skipping Walk Like a Man, Just to be your Tear, and Open Season on my Heart everytime. Love the title track and try to live by it every day. Other favs include Something's Broken, Do you want fries with that, Kill Myself, Back When, Blank Sheet of Paper, Old Town New, and How Bad Do you Want it.


its not for a fast dance, but its great to sing to in the car! go tim mcgraw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


omg best songs ever i love tim i want to mary him when i die i know what song i am going to play . when the stars go blue aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THAT SONG THE BEST EVER IN THE WORLD i live that song i want to eet him sooooooooo bad i love him i want to scream best singer ever. my fav songs are when te stars go blue then live like you were dieing omg ah. i love carrie under wood too so much her new song awsome best song of all of her songs then george strait aah great signer my third for country oh then black eye pes somthing like that

Dennis aka Cleo

This is hands DOWN the greatest album of all time. I just wish that someday I could live like I was dying. I would go sky diving. I would go rocky mountain climbing. My god this is true poetry. Ignore those "classic" Poets like Rimbaud or T.S Elliot. Wussies. This is the work of a real all american poetry master.

BasketballGirl 12

i was lisening to the radio and i heard that song and i could sing the song

Alan Jobb

I like most of Tim’s music and he is the most played artist on my ipod, and this is by far his best album IMO. Live like you were dying of course is a career song, but there are some underappreciated favorites on here especially Blank sheet of paper.


I love this album. Every song on here is great. My favorites are my old friend, old town new, everybody hates me, and do you want fries with that.


Man needs to listen to real roots music. Latest projects show signs of real drugs not jesus. Pray for him. Some of his songs are believable but does not promise real country roots.


I still cry when I hear "Live Like You Were Dying", not just because of the way is resonates with my own life (or anyone's for that matter), but also because I'm from Philadelphia and I know who Tim is talking about when he sings this song. I know the backstory, that Tim's dad Tim (known as "Tug") was a minor league ballplayer who had a gal who got pregnant. She didn't tell Tug until years later when Tim started asking, and Tug denied that Tim could be his son for years. When Tug and Tim finally did meet and had a relationship, everybody was on top of the world. You'd see Tim, Faith and Tug at Phillies games (Tug was the closer on the 1980 World Series championship team and is one of Philadelphia's favorite sports figures of all time) along with Tug's other kids too, and it was just happiness. Then Tug fell ill at spring training and the dignosis was a brain tumor/cancer. Just like that, once you get "it", "it" is all taken away. God bless you and your family Tim, and thanks for taking a second to remind all of us not to waste another day and get busy livin'.

live.laugh.love <3

Words cannot describe this album! They are all pure country music songs, just like it should be. The Live Like You Were Dying song is so inspiring, uplifting, moving, eye-opening and beautiful. Tim McGraw's voice is so clear and captivating, not raspy and dull like some "wanna-be" artists...Thank-you so much for creating such wonderful albums!!



da red sox rock 46

i really like "live like you were dying". oh boy does that bring back memories.

P.L Balla 44

i normaly hate country but live like u were dieing is one of the best songs i've ever heard, it reminds me of my late grandpa.....


This is a great album!! Live like you were dying is the best song on the album!! this is not a waste of money!!!


mannn its like four years later. i just found this song. its soooo sad. but let me tell you. no one died.[[[[in tim mcgraw's case that is.]]]] hes one good guy.


omg i luuvvv this song i can listen to it ovr&ovr. it has such a good, strong meaning to it..... imm not much of a country fan but this iss one of myy favorite songs. :) buyyy itttt


I love every cut on this album. Raw and powerful, Mc Graw is second to none in my book!!! Enjoy.


Tim is great! Live Like You Were dying is such a great song w/ a good tune and great lyrics w/ advice that every person should follow "live like you are dying"


What would it take to get any of Tim's songs authorized for iPhone ringetones?


i luv ya. ur still my fav singer. every song u wright is a masterpeice. Do u want fries wit that rocks and live like u are dying is also my fav song Luv ya tim

Le Tytan

Tim McGraw is undoubtedly one of the best country singers ever, and it shows in this album. My Old Friend will always be one of my favorite songs, and Live Like You Were Dying almost made me cry when I heard it. It's a bit less up-beat than other albums, but it's still great. Get the album, or at least get How Bad Do You Want It, My Old Friend, and Live Like You Were Dying.


So many people these days don't understand country music, let alone take the time to try. Tim's music is amazing and has a great message. This album is my favorite- there is a lot of meaning in the songs. It's true country.


there is one song on this album that gets me: my old friend. it makes me want ot start bawling. why? well, it reminds me of all my great friends and the memories i have. its a great song, and i think about my life whenever i listen to it. GO TIM!


I love your music i want to meet tim so bad i want your abums now


tim mcgraw is the best singer ever.nobody is better then him


Tim McGraw breaks new grounds with this A+ album. Never before have I heard an album so perfectly recorded. His superb voice is shown at its best in this piece of art. Each song is wonderfully written, sung and instrumented. This album also tells a great deal of true stories such as "Live Like You Were Dying" and "My Old Friend" (Which is my favorite song ever) I can't wait until his next album comes out next month, and I pray it's as spectacular as this one.


This song inspired me. I stopped being so mean. I am in love with Tim, and country music, because I haver many problams in my family so all of his music means something to me. I LOVE THIS SONG !!


I usta hate all country music... but this is the one exceptoin, it sends a serious message about life, and really made me think about mine.... great vocals, great lyrics, great beat. one of my favorite songs to listen to.2 thumbs way up


SOMETHING'S BROKEN- i love this song. it's the nice song that chatches on you right away. i can sing it word for word it's one of his best

live like you are dying

omgosh tim did it again;; i love you tim;;i will live like im dying i love this song your an awesome artist!!


I used to HATE country music. But know i kinda like it. God, Live like you were dying made me cry the first time i heard it.

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