Tones And I - The Kids Are Coming - EP

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The Kids Are Coming - EP Tracklist:


Four stars simply because some of my dislike for this album is purely personal taste in music, and I can only seem to justify knocking off one star. I came here for "Dance Monkey", I won't lie. Other bands I love have prepped me for songs being drastically different on the same album, and that's not why I knocked off a star. I actually knocked off a star because there was only one song that really stood out, "Never Seen the Rain", and it stood out for an excellent reason. It didn't follow the same scheme all of your other songs went by and that was "Let's heavily rely on making the whole chorus a repetitive hook or phrase". The lyrics for "The Kids Are Coming" are really great; the sound is not so much. "Colourblind" is a nice flex in vocals, but that flex makes a lot of the words difficult to understand with the music not compensating for that fact. For the words that can be made out, I was left wondering when the song would just end. I'm sorry. "Johnny Run Away" sounded like it could have been great, but there was this 'oomph' that felt missing. I don't even know what it was that I wanted to hear in the song, but I really did feel like I was missing something sound-wise. "Jimmy" was not only a beautiful vocal flex but--for the most part--the overall composition for this song was quite lovely. Going back to repitition, I got kinda lost again. I don't normally have an issue with repitition in songs, but when they're overdone or done when (personal preference here) it shouldn't be done so often... I get tired of the song and want to not listen. Even if the vocals and rest of the lyrics are amazing and refreshing. I will not discuss "Dance Monkey". It got undeserved hate in these reviews and people judged a whole album for one song. You are definitely an artist that I cannot wait to hear more from and please don't let any criticisms deter your talents or blow away any desires!

Albert Stien

I’ve never known what that truly meant until I’ve listened to enough of these songs. If not all, most of them share the same vibe and instrumental music, it’s almost like listening to “21 Pilots”. I don’t know about you all, but I feel that for an album it should have a multitude of color and taste, using the same one’ll get old and annoying.


Ewww what is this


The best tones and I song!!!!

Your #1649264829468288464 Fan!

It’s amazing that she writes her own lyrics. Lay of of her, and if you don’t like her songs don’t listen to them. No ones is forcing you to and especially don’t write bad reviews. Most of you aren’t as talented as Tones.

happy in great

I love this song it is great and I would recommend it to everyone 🦋 When I feel down this song makes me feel good😩to🤗


Pretty bad


Why was this #1


Today was the first time hearing her. Great song and voice!! I bought the album 😊


I love the song


Her voice is so awsome


Garbage song and it should’ve stayed in the drafts sis...💀

ew hate this junk

Love ittt

Eylie The Wolf

Ok I bet she can sing normal but like HOW SHE DO THAT. I love all her songs! Awesome. ❤️❤️❤️

jackie jaxon

I hate it


To all you haters and lovers, you do realize that this is not the original version, right? The original was written by a very talented pianist by the name of Peter Buka. That being said I’m not sure how I feel about this cover/remix, I guess it depends what day of the week it is.

lolo Qeen

Dance monkey is so bad I do not like it 🤮🤮🤮

10 year old teenager

Don’t listen to people who dont like it. I love it. I really like Dance Monkey and The kids are coming. I am a 12 year old and so I get the song I love you voice too.


This is an absolute incredible song


I listen to this amazing song every night.It is so popular, everyone knows this song. Haters, your reviews don’t mean anything at all. It doesn’t make this song not popular.Why not just drop the attitude and just listen with your heart.I would like to see you make a song.As I was saying, this song rocks!!! And her voice is NOT screechy. Your voice is screechy.She is blessed with such a beautiful voice.


This music has a frequency that makes even dogs go deaf

dj yeet

Love this song my 2 favorite oh no noooooooo haters ur losers I agree with the zebra you everyone read mine and zebras like there the same review

Swiftie #275868094

No thank you...


i only write this review to warn others. i enjoy listening to this trash as much as i enjoy eating dirt don’t get any of the songs


like someone said, like nails on a chalkboard 🙃 racist


Dance Monkey is soooooo good

my horse is my best friend

Yaaaaa!!! So good!!!!!!!!!!! 😊 🥰🥰🥰🥰

F#Ck 1izzo

Anyone who likes this idiot is a 🤡🤡


I only know this song cuz I hear it 5293 times a day, and it just annoys me. And Ngl it makes me kinda cringe. I don’t get why it’s charting.


wdym tik tok makes bad songs? obviously she made it. it got viral on tik tok and that doesn’t “ruin” a song. maybe you just don’t like tik tok. also her high pitch unique voice is nothing to bully someone about, u haters should stop. fun fact: she’s from australia btw


Omg how did she hit those high note jk she is horrible and stupid omg I wish she was never born again

Ender daimand

It just so good album i love but dance monkey is by far my favorite it just so catchy and has a nice sound to it but overall this album is 5⭐️ PS i am not allowed to use tik tok so i just heard this from my friends


sorry but the voice is annoying and the tune is not catchy


wow you did that!💕🧚🏻‍♀️🥰never do that again🧚🏻‍♀️✨


tones and i flop wbk


I love DM but I hate that voice!


Is fine to expensive tho


Respect the artist but this is her worst song


I like the beat of dance monkey, it’s fun, not sure of the message. Sounds like mkultra programming. Her voice def isn’t best sounding she def controls her voice well and isn’t unprofessional. I like that her voice is different from usual dribble record companies prop up. I hope she finds her niche and success.


This song is so irritating gives me a headache just listening to it

Edison canaveral

The song good As af but why do we have to pay why can’t it be free af it 4.99 Like what the heck make it free It’s good I might go to YouTube And put it yeah YouTube is free vote songs free or not Lol But its just a song that might be all of you your right but free or not.


Yo this is trash


This song is so good I love it please ceep makeing songs


worst song I have ever heard

this nick name is raken

Honestly the song is good but her voice is off by a lot...😐


Pls get off the radio