Travis Scott - FRANCHISE (feat. Young Thug & M.I.A.)

℗ 2020 Epic Records. With Cactus Jack.

FRANCHISE (feat. Young Thug & M.I.A.) - Single Tracklist:


MIA + Travis


If I was a baseball player, this would be my walkup song. I seriously believe that M.I.A is underrated in this song, quit hating haters


Best ever except M.I.A.

young coopa



Travis and Thug sound great but MIA ruins it, get Don Toliver or Post Malone on this

I know songs.

This is the worst song I ever heard. I think they need more talent to sing this song for people to like it!!!!!!


This is a great song and great feature choices. For once I think this song earned the top billboard spot


But we love to hear it


Travis banged, Mia was trash, young thug sounded like he got a cold


It would be fire if Mia wasn’t in it


Haters are extra thirsty in 2020!! This song is ahead of its time 🔥 Fire Fire Fire Fire!!!!


I’m a huge fan of Travis but not Mia tho Travis started off amazing but Mia kinda ruined it. Amazing beat I love the beat it would've been a five star review but if Mia wasn’t in the song with Travis. Has kile Jenner his wife been in a song with him? I’m egger for that to happen!!!!!!! I wish Jenner was in this song instead of Mia. Sorry Mia!!! but I still love your music tho just not in this song.

Pop Smoke's #1 Fan

I’ve always liked Travis Scott since ASTROWORLD came out and my god this track is dope, and M.I.A. did do good, but could’ve done better 🔥


There are so many people confused as to who M.I.A. is, just assuming they’re all under 18!? She is one of the dopest female rappers. She’s in a world of her own. She compliments this song so well! Travis Scott sounds like he does in every song so, especially the last few singles. I do wish they played more into M.I.A’s actual sound though, her Indian roots is always so present in her music.


Good beat but the hook is lazy and young thug punches way under his weight. Travis is boring on it.



wpb.joshyy on instagram

I’m not a Travis Scott fan but I still support him great song didn’t buy it heard it on Apple Music😁


MIA = 🔥


This track was great. Travis was heat and I was vibin to thugger, but Mia screwed up the track. Nothing against her personally, but her voice is not on tune w the track and it sounds like a DJ constantly spinning turn tables. Quavo should’ve been in this track instead

Random jockey boy

Absolutely love this song. It’s an absolute banger. Keep up the good work Travis! You never miss brudda.

William genesis Lopez

She’s trash


love this song, M.I.A was kinda threw me off but the more i’ve listened the more she’s grown on me.

Princess Meem 💖👑

Travis is fire. But M.I.A Is trash.


Just look at the cover. Can people no longer decipher between beauty & degenerate art? What’s in you, comes out of you. What’s inside of this person?


LOL lazy

The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)

Nice autotune lol! Learn to rap without autotune!

ooo daddy



He’s evolving


Pantyhose is the best


Ugly black guys who trying to date white women are the people who listen to this trash


No thanks


M.I.A. kinda killed the vibe

Im ur dad (obviously)

she ruined it for me. i love travis scott and i'm not a huge thugger fan but he's insanely good here.


mia ruined it


Freaking Fire 🔥


Is the only good thing about this recycled song


You know that ish goes deeper when you looks at the lyrics. I still can’t get enough of her track “Borders”. Glad Travis brought her on.


Ya’ll younguns don’t know music. Makin’ people with no talent rich🤦🏻‍♂️ Keep at it.


Young thug sound like he got a cold and need some chicken soup


It good till mia


still slaps


My man Travis never miss! Living legend. M.I.A. is a legend too.


They could of removed Mia the leaked version was better but, besides that it’s good

Cha$e D'Amico

Excited for Utopia!! It’s gonna save us from Corona!! 🔥🔥💎💎


It’s not his worst definitely not his best

jones the bones

This song has no meaning to it


How can people listen to this and call it music. M.I.A. Didn’t ruin the song it was bad from the start.

Gucci We$t


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