Ty Dolla $ign - Featuring Ty Dolla $ign

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Featuring Ty Dolla $ign Tracklist:

Nurse Monique

I love Ty Dolla $ign I love this track By yourself “it very motivational All The Ladies who are secured about themselves and got it going on 🙌🏽 On the grind each day. This song is for us.it’s my ringtone as well.Me being a Pretty Nurse on my feet 12-15 hrs shifts Me,Being secured with myself, making things happen for myself for years with God in my life 🙏Everything is possible. it’s no other way but way up 🔝The Grind is Real.. Ladies we can do all things with GOD in our lives for ourselves .Thank youTy Dolla $ign for this track.keep God first amen🙏😇❤️


Ty$ is one of my favorite artists but there’s no reason it should take 7 people to write a song that’s under 2 min come on bro

Wintress Freeman

He always delivers and his vocals are insane people need to appreciate his artistry!


We want New Body with Nicki

a true gaga fan

Boring.... don’t waste your time. No growth. No voice. No personality



Louis Nacc

Yo! All I have to say is “murder my ego when you walk away”.

Texas Soldier 07272012

Still trying to figure out how this guy is famous. He is ok on a feature but his actual albums are trash. Mediocre to me but it is what it is.. 🗑🗑

Noble, King

Thank you bro, that was a dope track, have a good day bro. US Marine Corps ~


Great album body of work. Definitely going to great #s. One of my favorite songs from there is “By yourself , ft Jhené Aiko and DJ Mustard.


Credit ur writers


Who still listens to this guy? He can't even make a song by himself and he has the power to ruin any song he is featured on. He was even the worst part of that Jason Derulo song a few years back, and keep in mind nicki minaj was on that song! How can you be the worst part of a song that nicki garbage is a part of...I don't know, ask Ty Dolla $ign (and oh yeah I hate that name, I feel dumb and childish even writing it out)

vic is to good

I do not like mainstream industry sounds like this but he has a lot of good messages in some of the songs. I don’t like how there’s so many interludes. Glad he named a song after Dr Sebi tho. Ego death says a lot of truth. Other than that I don’t like all the club pop sounding songs and a lot of them are too short. Also did really well with the song transitions. Been a while since I heard an album that does that Best Tracks: Universe, Time Will Tell, Ego Death, By Yourself, Your Turn, and Real Life Worst Tracks: Freak, Expensive, and Spicy


I’ve been waiting so long for this album and did not disappoint 🙏




Huge Ty Dolla fan but this aint it. If you know old Ty Dolla then you know nothing has touched beach house 2 and sign language. He is dope on feature and mixtapes, but his albums have been disappointing to me unfortunately. Hopefully you enjoy it more than I do but this album will be forgotten about relatively quickly. Still a fan nonetheless.


Absolutely 🔥🔥🔥




Love ty dolla $ign but last album was weak , always felt like he was stronger and better on features now he finally brought that to his own project coincidentally named appropriately “features “


Long awaited, solid album but wish he would’ve had more ballads.


This is undoubtedly the best rap/hip hop album of 2020.

Savierre P.

Expensive is the BEST SONG on the Album! That’s the first you should listen to 🤍


This is like celebration album for some reason. So many good features. 🎉🎊 Thank you Ty


Where’s curren$y? On the curb where u left him?


Top to bottom! Seamless vibes and frequencies! All kinds of music for everyone! You killed it Ty!






He’s collaborated with like everyone under the sun pretty funny that his album title is showing that Glad he had his own album with OTHER people with HIM


You know 🔥

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