VEDO - For You

℗ 2020 New Wav Music Group / Island Prolific / EMPIRE

For You Tracklist:


Lol love this album I see ya Vedo😉


This album is 🔥🔥 so happy I heard is song. All his albums fire. Buying the rest. Love you VEDO!!!!! #fan


Need this for ringtones ASAP


I love vedo and this album is a banger start to finish no skips as usual ☺️🥰


It’s VEDO baby!!! Lol


Im so glad the wait is over i been waiting on “Equal” to drop since he dropped a snippet on instagram in july of 2019 .... but now im in love with the entire album 💕🥰🥰

ayyyyye leah

Amazing album 😍

IG Can Be Better

I loved this entire album. I haven’t heard one song from him that disappoints.


Vedo music never disappoints me. This album is straight fire 🔥




It’s finally out!! This is probably his best album ever!!😍😍


VEDO’s music is a vibe and you won’t regret listening to all his songs!


I just love me some him ❤️💋

Music Album of VEDO:

On My Momma (feat. Vedo) - Single
On My Momma feat. Vedo - Single (2020)
Shy (feat. Kingsong Udoh) - Single
Shy feat. Kingsong Udoh - Single (2020)
Vibe (feat. Vedo) - Single
Vibe feat. Vedo - Single (2020)
Go Ham (feat. Vedo) - Single
Go Ham feat. Vedo - Single (2020)
Yvette (feat. Inayah Lamis) - Single
Yvette feat. Inayah Lamis - Single (2019)
Yvette (feat. Inayah Lamis) - Single
Yvette feat. Inayah Lamis - Single (2019)
WHO WILL? (feat. VEDO) - Single
WHO WILL? feat. VEDO - Single (2019)
Hands on Her Body (feat. Vedo) [Remix] - Single
Hands on Her Body feat. Vedo [Remix] - Single (2019)
Motion 2.0 (feat. Vedo) - Single
Motion 2.0 feat. Vedo - Single (2019)
Ifwu (feat. Lee Mazin) - Single
Ifwu feat. Lee Mazin - Single (2017)
Movie (feat. Vedo) - Single
Movie feat. Vedo - Single (2018)
Break Me Off (feat. Vedo) - Single
Break Me Off feat. Vedo - Single (2018)
Voicemail (feat. Vedo) - Single
Voicemail feat. Vedo - Single (2018)
Secrets (feat. Vedo) - Single
Secrets feat. Vedo - Single (2017)
Long Tyme (feat. Vedo) - Single
Long Tyme feat. Vedo - Single (2017)
Up (feat. Vedo) - Single
Up feat. Vedo - Single (2016)
F.L.Y.D. (feat. Vedo) - Single
F.L.Y.D. feat. Vedo - Single (2016)
Miss You (feat. VEDO) - Single
Miss You feat. VEDO - Single (2014)
Special One (feat. Vedo) - Single
Special One feat. Vedo - Single (2014)