Kane Brown - Worldwide Beautiful

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Worldwide Beautiful - Single Tracklist:


I love Kane brown

Uno de los mismos

Close your eyes and listen to the lyrics. This is a beautiful written song, that has a strong meaning behind the words!

Beefy T

Absolutely love the message, the faith and the song. Kane Brown throws in a little gospel too. Talented young man focusing on what’s important

dios m

This is beautiful and yes, you can say Gods name. This is spreading the love.

hardy games

This is such a great song with such a moving and powerful message! Thank you for making this song. This is what our world needs. I saw your performance of Worldwide Beautiful on ACM awards and it was so great!


This really touched my heart and soul. Blessings.


Thank you soooooo much for instead of having a pity party about how your black and it’s so hard for you, you made a song that was truly beautiful. We’re all imperfectly perfect guys!!!! If you have half a brain you would know it doesn’t matter if your black white blue or yellow- so please stop the pity party for yourselves when there is so many other people that are in worse situations than you and LISTEN TO THIS SONG


I love the words in this song! I also love how this song carried a hybrid of a country flare with a layer of R&B swag.


One Love, One God, One Family


Such a beautiful song that so many people NEED to hear right now. Just heard this song for the 1st time on BET Awards & I came to download it right away. I love it!! We all need to unite 🙏🏼💕🙏🏾💕👊🏾💕👊🏻

LiL gangster rapper

I love this song so much

Jacob's Touch II

One of the Kane Brown songs I actually like. It’s not really country but the melody fits so well. Four stars for not a country song, but the message and sound of the whole thing is respectable.


Inspiration is gone. His music is limited lol


Only those with a loving and genuinely caring heart can see the beauty in the lyrics - great job Mr. Brown


A great song with a great message! I also like e fact that Kane Brown is donating all proceeds for this song to the Boys & Girls Club charity, FYI. A great song for a great cause. Can't beat that!


This ain’t even country Kane brown bye your done

chicago med

This song is great and just what we need rn if u do not like Kane brown then just dont listen to his music and stop sending hate to him... great job u did good 🔥ALL LIVES MATTER AND THATS THAT




i hope the money of this song goes to BLM chile...


Thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God, thank God ... I only had to listen to this once.


It’s about Unity. I like it.


Thank you Kane brown for making a difference through you’re music ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Trying to profit off black loves matter. Loser


Keep spreading the love 🖤🖤


Thank u so much Kane this what we need!!! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE ✌️


This is a truly heartfelt prayer. This song is what our broken world needs right now.

Billy Jean wholebutt

oh thank god its over


This world needed to hear this song. Especially right now!!!


He’s not going to happen.

gary m wil

This song makes me sick


Just flat out GREAT. Thank you.


I mean...

Awesome game and idea

This is what we need right now! Music lifts hearts. This a great song


You mention God enough? For the mess we’re in, really!? Try putting your words into action rather than getting a paycheck.


I don’t like this

Farmer bry

Quit hating on Kane I’ve had the pleasure to talk to him and he’s one of the nicest guys in country!! You did great with this song Kane so proud of you ❤️❤️❤️

Awful. Horrible.

Full of positivity 🙂


This guy is garbage

Timedeo it the best

Why did he release a song with that name when we have this terrible stuff going on in our world



is you for real

Id rather cut my ears than listen to this


Amazing song with a great message! Much love Kane ❤️




Decent song with a great message, but why is he still considered country? Especially for a single that’s not country at all.




Stream rain on me


very meaningful & touching song! he is absolutely right tht everyone is beautiful in their own way! it’s not ur race tht matters but ur heart. he expresses this message very beautifully! i’m so proud of u Kane! 🥺💙