Zoe Wees - Control

℗ 2020 Valeria Music

Control - Single Tracklist:


Got me through high school when nothing else did. Thank you for saving me from myself Zoe!!😍

Jason Rostro

Oh my god this is so powerful her vocals are so strong it brings all the feelings out and might shade a tear.

fresh meaty toess

How old is she? Such an incredible voice soooo emotional makes me tear up love it


I’m KiKat :) This song is SO emotional! I listen to it every night, it makes me cry every time. Her voice is SO emotional and moving! This song is AMAZING and I’m excited to hear more from her ❤️❤️❤️

Moises S.

What a voice and video. Cover art too, so powerful wow!!!


What a voice


This is one of the best songs of 2020 so far!

love my lip gloss

Every single time I hear this song tears fill my eyes every thing about this song is beautiful like the song,her voice, but most of all the person that sings it 👍😊🥰




I love it! I was just listening to random samples of songs and came across hers! First one that caught my attention. And downloaded it!!!


I’ve heard better karaoke singers. Music today is horrible!!!


Slower songs arent usually my type but her voice is beautiful and so emotional




This is an amazing song! Great song for dancing and karaoke! She has a great future ahead.

Robbie Stanton

Great song! Awesome voice!


I found it on Spotify when it was at 2M streams and it has just been gaining more and more popularity. I’m glad people are noticing it. I bet this song is going to end up being really popular


It is soooooooo good and emotional


Song moves me to tears 🙏🏾 it constantly reminds me of how thankful that god brought me through so many medical issues and even being close to losing my life 🙏🏾❤️


I listened to this song for the first time and I was like who is this. I picked up my phone and I was like WOW SHE IS AMAZING! Phenomenal job and keep releasing music. Just like WOW!


This is honestly buyworthy. Like I told my Chief of Fire Station... I am licensed, but only in Life & Health. If someone wants to my opinion on a house, I would consult a Realtor or a Financier. If it's a Home... this is the song. That's my opinion. If it counts. #ValeriaMusic2020 The Title is related to "Tap a Star to Rate" In the way that one May "Slit Top Crust" of a Marie Callender's Pie. There are so many theories. Fancy that. Shake to undo... you have a lovely voice. Don't give up on stardom. You made it.


An honest strength expressed beautifully. This one is amazing.




Zoe Wees has awakened something inside me that I haven’t felt in myself for a very long time. She’s amazing! She deserves to shine and her voice deserves to be immortalized for all time. I don’t know her- and I would do anything to ensure she reaches every single one of her dreams. She’s made me feel worthy and she’s made me feel free again. But this. Love this. Rate this. Share this. Let us help her shine like the star that she is.